Watch Em Rusciano’s birth story in just one minute

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One minute is all it takes to watch Em Rusciano’s birth story of new baby son, Elio Arthur.

And if you’re wondering how much you can actually say in that one minute – well, the answer is an awful lot, actually!

Smiling, a little-bit nervous mum-to-be, check!

Cute moment between a man and a woman about to become parents again? Double check! 

Cute as a button baby, as fresh as babies get? Triple check! 

All the birth and love action 

Here’s how Em’s video unfolds, frame by frame. 

The story starts off in the car on the way to the hospital with Em and husband, Scott Barrow experiencing that expectant feeling that comes with knowing the very next time you get back in that car, you’ll have a baby in the back seat!

Cue tiny screams of joy!

Em had a planned c-section with Elio, so the next frame is her and Scott in what looks like the hospital cafeteria.

Em tells the camera that she’s fasting (you need to fast for 12 hours before a c-section) but hubby was “pregaming” with a delicious looking omelette. In fact, that omelette looks so delicious, it makes you wonder if they really are in a hospital at all. 

Next, we see Em lying on her bed talking into the camera. 

“About to go into theatre,” Em whispers with wide eyes. 

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That slightly surreal feeling

One of my favourite bits of Em’s video is the way she captures the slightly surreal feeling you get while you’re waiting for a planned c-section. 

Our second son was born this way, and I can tell you it’s this moment, resting in bed before you’re wheeled into theatre, that is perhaps the most mind-blowing and surreal. 

It’s very literally like one minute you are just a pregnant mum and the next, you’re holding the most precious of all bundles in your arms!

That doesn’t mean it’s not scary or emotional, though. Without the lead up of labour processing your emotions and hormones, the relatively “fast” procedure can be quite overwhelming. 

You can see some of these emotions unfold in the next series of photos with Em as it flashes past the c-section: There are photos of Em and Scott smiling with joy as little Elio emerges. Scott cutting the umbilical cord with glee and then a beautiful series of post-birth cuddles with mum, Scott and one of  Em’s two older daughters.


All of the feels

It’s hard to keep a dry eye, right? Who doesn’t love a happy birth story! 

Em’s Insta fans poured out their love and admiration:

“So beautiful LOVE ❤️?,” one fan wrote on Em’s Instagram.

“Tears in my eyes watching this! So beautiful!” writes another Insta fan.

Man, Elio is a cute baby!

Congratulations again, Em and Scott, what a beautiful road you have ahead with your family of five. 


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