Some experts think Duchess Meghan’s bendy thumbs show she’s primed for birth

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What? I know. This seems kind of weird, but it also makes a little bit of sense.

Thumbs up Meg!

The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry are expecting their first child in March or April or May and we’re the first to (rudely) admit that this is now feeling like the world’s longest pregnancy (sorry Meg!)

It’s nothing to do with the Duchess of course, but rather the global excitement around the royal baby which has been swirling for months. Every little detail about the royal pregnancy seems particularly pertinent … and this thumb story? Well we’re totally here for it!

UK newspaper The Sun recently broke the compelling news that Meghan’s “bendy thumbs” could point to an “early and quick labour” and honestly? We were all ears.

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Granted this thumb theory might be wishful thinking on The Sun‘s part, but the logic behind it is actually semi-solid, if a little … ‘thumb pervy’. Which is a thing.

“Pictures of Duchess’s hands – taken during a visit to the National Theatre last month – show that Meghan appears to have double-jointed fingers,” The Sun reported.

“This means that some of her joints are hypermobile, which is a genetic condition that allows her to move the digits – and probably other parts of her body – beyond the normal range, without it hurting.”

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"You do not have to be defined by your injury or disability. You may not realise or appreciate it yet, but do not underestimate the incredible impact you are having on those around you, by simply being yourself." — The Duke of Sussex, as he and The Duchess attended the #EndeavourFundAwards. The Duke presented Shaun with the Endeavour Fund Henry Worsley Award — swipe to watch Shaun’s story. Shaun Pascoe was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress after numerous tours around the world with the @RoyalAirForceUK Medical Emergency Response Team. He has now set up the Forces’ Sailing Charity @TurnToStarboard, providing more than 1200 sailing opportunities to service personnel and veterans. The Endeavour Fund Awards celebrate the achievements of wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women who have taken part in remarkable sporting and adventure challenges over the last year to help with their recovery.

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“Earlier or quicker labour”

We’re a little bit creeped out that The Sun is thinking about “other parts of her body” but at the same time, we wish every woman the easiest labour possible, especially when giving birth to a baby millions are keen to catch a glimpse of. 

While the newspaper warned that Meghan’s at a higher risk of ligament injury, asserting, “Meghan may need to be careful about heavy objects so she does not sprain them.” (!) They also suggested that her ‘baby-holding’ (!) muscles would be more primed for birth.

“This hypermobility may also mean that Meghan could end up having an earlier or quicker labour because the muscles holding in the baby are more lax,” birth coach Alexandra Kremer told The Sun.

So there you go. Bendy thumbs = potentially easier births.

According to The Sun and some other experts. Who even knew? #GrainOfSalt 


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