Mum live streams her own unassisted birth from bath tub

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Over the weekend US mum Kara Baker live-streamed the birth of her fourth child via YouTube.

“Birth is not a medical emergency”

Kara and husband Bryce were already parents to 15-month-old Ash, three-year-old Barrett and four-year-old Brylie when they decided to go for an unassisted home birth with their fourth child Molly, after suffering a traumatic previous birth. 

“I’m 41 Weeks pregnant … Any moment now, I’ll be LIVE STREAMING the unassisted home birth of my 4th child,” Kara posted on YouTube.

“Birth is NOT a medical emergency…it’s what we’re made to do! SUBSCRIBE to Mom Life, so you don’t miss it! UPDATE: I lost my mucus plug at 5.30pm tonight … we’ll be going LIVE soon! I can’t wait to meet my baby girl!”

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“So my waters broke just now”

Kicking off the live video from her tub, Kara told fans she was already very close to delivering.

“So my waters broke just now, and before that I had like six bowel movements which never happens before labour. I had to get in the bath and I thought I’d just get cleaned up before she comes out … I think I’m just gonna stay in the water and see how it goes.”

While Kara’s children play in the background, you can see her belly moving as her newborn prepares to emerge. The labouring mum is very calm, splashing her bump with warm bath water and encouraging her little girl to emerge as husband Bryce keeps watch beside the tub.

“I’m trying not to push but it feels good to push,” Kara tells Bryce. “I think I feel her head right there.”

Kara Baker birth live streamKara Baker birth live streamKara Baker birth live streamKara Baker birth live streamKara Baker birth live streamKara Baker birth live stream

Welcome baby Molly

While he pops out to check on their other children, Kara breathes her way through contractions.

She sits quietly in the bath as her body works to push the baby out. Then she winces as she reaches down to hold the top of her baby’s head in her hand. The little girl emerges a second later, mouth wide open and silent. She then lets out a cry to greet her parents.

Baby Molly’s siblings then come in to meet her and Kara wipes her newborn’s daughter down as they spend their first postpartum moments together.

Eventually, Kara and baby Molly climb out of the bath with some help from Bryce, moving to the bedroom, where the stream ends.

There have been no further updates since Molly was born, but we hope that mother and child are doing well.

Choosing to give birth completely unassisted by any medical professional can be risky. Please always seek the advice of an expert.


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