Mum gives birth after 45 hour labour – and then a surprise second baby crowns

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Oh dear lord. If you’ve ever had a baby you will know that once you’ve delivered that little darling you want nothing more than to have your nether regions left alone.


For this mum, who had endured a 45 hour labour, this could not have been more true. But as doctors prepared to give her some postpartum stitches she appeared to be in more pain than they’d expect.

Lo and behold a SECOND baby was about to crown and within the hour she was the proud mum of healthy twins! Holy crap!

Michigan couple Nicole and Matthew Ziesemer are now the besotted parents of twins Berkeley and Cade. They kept the pregnancy as ‘intervention-free’ as possible, having their very first scan the day Nicole went into labour.  

Baby Cade was apparently concealed behind his older sister and didn’t show up on this ultrasound. It was only suspected that he was on the way when Nicole was still in total agony after Berkeley’s birth. An emergency second scan revealed that baby Cade wanted out too!

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“People said how small I was”

Nicole says she was in total shock when told she was having twins, but also “over the moon”.

“There were really no signs that I was carrying more than one baby, in fact people said how small I was,” the mum-of-twins told MetroUK.

‘”It was really scary when they said that something else was inside me,” Nicole continued. “Then they told us that it was another baby. I literally asked her if she was lying!”

That said, it didn’t take Nicole long to warm up to the idea of having two babies instead of one.

“I really can’t imagine having just one baby now. It’s like they were meant to be. I love the thought that they’ll always have each other.”

“I’d do it just the same”

Multiples apparently run in both their families, so as surprising as Cade’s arrival was it also made quite a lot of sense. When asked if she’d approach future pregnancies in a similar way, avoiding ultrasounds, Nicole said she would.

“People do ask us if we were to have another baby would we have scans this time?” she told MetroUK.

“I honestly don’t think we would. Unless there were any clear medical red flags, I’d do it just the same all over again.”


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