Mum explains why pregnant women need to pack a Nerf gun in their hospital bag

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We thought we’d seen every mum-assisting labour approach known to woman in our Babyology travels. That was until we bumped into delivery room pro Samantha Mravik-Miller …

Wake up!

But let’s backtrack a little … Perhaps you have had a baby before? You might even have — like me — been faced with the sight of your partner eating toast and drinking tea while they peruse the newspaper and complain about how bored they are as you face the next contraction with your back teeth clenched?

Or perhaps, worse still, your partner dozed off while you were working a baby through your insides and out of your nether regions? Ugh.

Even if you haven’t been through this experience yet, it’s best to be forewarned and forearmed. The thing to know is that it’s very irritating and actually illegal for birth partners to sleep while a woman is labouring. It’s true*.

There is nothing worse than toiling away while someone else in the room is yawning and trying to snuggle down for a nap in an armchair in the corner of the delivery room.

Samantha M-M has come up with a genius way to keep drowsy partners alert but not alarmed. (Well, maybe a little bit alarmed.) She shared a photo of her birth partner motivation method on Facebook and it features a fully loaded … Nerf gun. GENIUS.

“Mom hack level 1,0000,” Samantha wrote on a now-viral Facebook post. “Worried about the nights in the hospital with your newborn & dad sleeping? Well … then don’t forget one of these in your hospital bag.”

Mom hack level 1,0000Worried about the nights in the hospital with your new born & dad sleeping?Well… then don’t forget one of these in your hospital bag 🤣

Posted by Samantha Mravik-Miller on Sunday, 15 December 2019

Bombs away!

Facebook followers were delighted by this idea and seemed very keen to build on it and share it widely.

“Pack back-up bullets too!” someone suggested.

“Shoulda brought one of these instead of throwing things at you,” someone else quipped wryly, tagging their partner.

“This would be better then ice chips,” another follower observed.

“I’ll remember this for next time!” one mum vowed.

Others admitted that they not only threw ice chips, but also pillows and crackers at their dozing birthing partner.

* May not be true. But really should be.

Nerf gun mum


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