Man narrates wife’s labour like Steve Irwin – and gets what he deserves

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If you’re an expectant dad, you’ll probably spend labour offering back rubs, fetching ice chips and tending to your partner’s every under-duress need. Unless you’re this dad …

Crikey, Carmen!

This dad decided that rather than do all that usual stuff, it was a much better idea to ‘cheer up’ his 6-cm-dilated wife as she headed into the business end of labour. Ha ha ha okay no.

It all started when now mum-of-four, Carmen Woitas, was set to deliver her most recent baby at home. Her husband Aaron, began to film her, putting a Crocodile Hunter spin on things to spice it up.

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When your clients almost make you pee your pants at their birth. ?? #homebirthmadefun #homebirth #waterbirth #lifeofamidwife #normalizebirth

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But why did he make the inadvisable decision to ham things up, you might be wondering?

Perhaps the way Carmen was pacing the room, walking through those gosh-darned painful contractions, reminded him of something he’d seen on the small screen savannah?

Perhaps the wild look in her eye made him nervous and he did that ‘inappropriate behaviour under pressure’ thing?

Perhaps he simply had a death wish and realised this jokey approach to labour might score him an early exit?

It’s honestly hard to know.

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Why, Aaron, why?!

What we do know about Aaron’s mockumentary is this:

a) Carmen is not happy. Not happy at all, Jan. Nope. #Ouch

b) Labour freaking hurts and anyone who wants to kid their way through it might need a punch in the neck and

c) Expert level of death stare looks exactly like this. Watch and learn, punters.

Setting the tone

All that said, not everyone thought this jokey approach was a bad idea with the couple’s midwife, Lindsey Meehleis of Orange County Midwifery, actually celebrating their good humour – and providing some much-needed context.

Sharing the footage on Instagram she wrote – “When your clients almost make you pee your pants at their birth.”

“Humor worked beautifully for this family,” Lindsey updated later. “Aaron kept everyone in such good spirits and it set the tone for this beautiful birth.”

“A very brave man”

Lindsey’s Instagram followers kind of loved it too and were much less wound up than we are.

“I love that they had fun with a time that can tend to be pretty tense. And that mama bear is one tough cookie.”

“This is great! But when I’m in labor I need complete silence. Do not look at me or touch me unless your feeding me ice chips.”

“This is a very brave man. Hilarious and what a clever way to keep the mood light and oxytocin flowing. Just awesome.”

Two hours after the video was shot, Carmen gave birth to a healthy baby girl, so it’s all’s well that ends well!



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