“Like a bobby pin!” Determined baby born with mum’s IUD woven into her hair

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A photo just shared on Facebook illustrates what can happen when contraception fails … and it’s kind of amazing.

“Use birth control, they said!”

The image was uploaded by a lady named Cadesia Foster yesterday and has achieved viral status almost immediately.

It’s not clear how Cadesia got hold of this shot – we THINK she might be this baby’s mum – which was taken inside the delivery room, but what is clear is that it’s something we very rarely see.

The baby in the photo has obviously just emerged from her careful mum’s belly via a c-section delivery. She’s still covered in vernix and other birth-related fluids, and neatly woven into her hair is the unmistakable t-shaped IUD.

“Look at this,” Cadesia wrote alongside the photo. “Damn IUD sitting on this baby head like a bobby pin. Use birth control they said!”

Amongst the 20,000 odd comments, there was a definite mood as people contemplated the startling image before them.

“OMFG this is the contraception I’m on FFS,” one woman wrote.

“Nothing is gonna stop this baby,” someone else suggested.

“I would have a heart attack,” another mum declared.

Look at this . Damn IUD sitting on this baby head like a Bobby pin. Use birth control they said 😭😂✌🏾

Posted by Cadesia Foster on Sunday, 25 August 2019

Why tho?

So how does this even happen, you might be wondering? Well, of course, no contraception – apart from abstinence – is 100 percent effective.

IUDs usually work pretty well and don’t usually end up masquerading as bobby pins. In fact, according to Family Planning NSW, hormonal IUDs (e.g. the Mirena) are 99.8 percent effective when it comes to preventing pregnancy.

IUDs are inserted via the cervix and sit in the uterus, warding off sperm and making the uterus ‘hostile’ to conception.

But IUDs can shift position and – rarely – migrate to other parts of the body by perforating the uterus. Ouch. 

In this case, it appears that the IUD – which looks to be a Paragard device – has been hanging around the uterus, not doing its job properly. Kind of goofing off. Being the 0.2 percent, if you will.

Conception has occurred and as the baby has developed, the IUD has kept it company. It’s eventually hooked into this baby’s impressive locks and there it stayed until the little one emerged wearing it as this years must NOT have hair accessory! 

Amazing, non?! And surprising too. Gulp.

IUD in baby's hair


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