Legend teachers help at birth of student’s baby sister in the school bathroom

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Teachers. Are. Amazing. Not only are they standing on the frontline at the moment, supervising thousands of little fingers being washed every day, recently they’ve been delivering brand new babies too!

“Oh no, the baby is here!”

On this particular day in January, teachers Amberlynn Balli, Valentina Davalos and Erica Beverly were on their way out of an event at the school they teach at when they spied Andres Soto-Rodriguez, the dad of one of their students, standing outside the door of the ladies’ toilets.

They instantly knew exactly what was going on, second-grade teacher Valentina told Good Morning America.

“When I saw him at the bathroom door and saw his face I just said, ‘Oh no, the baby is here. I had a conversation with the dad about 10 minutes before and he told me they were going to the hospital because [his wife] wasn’t feeling well.”

Valentina is speaking about the mum in question, Janet Karina Soto-Rodriguez. She had, in fact, actually just birthed her baby and the teachers found her holding the newborn girl and looking a little frazzled.

“I felt a huge relief,” Janet says of the moment the teachers descended.

“There was finally someone there to help me.”

“It was a beautiful cry”

Amberlynn called 911 and Valentina began caring for the newborn who had only just arrived seconds earlier.

“I knew I had to clean her mouth and clean her nose and I rubbed her back and that’s when she started crying,” she recalls.

“It was a beautiful cry because then we knew she was okay.”

A support team of students, parents and teachers were stationed outside the bathroom, running errands to get the things the baby and mama needed.

“We wanted to let her soak in the fact that she had just created life,” Amberlynn explained. “And wanted to make the delivery as comfortable and beautiful and private as possible no matter the circumstances.”

Life goes on

After Janet and her new baby, Andrea were whisked off to hospital, the teachers did what teachers do. They went back to class and kept teaching!

“Teachers do everything, whatever it takes,” Valentina said.

Mum and baby are doing very well and second-grader Luigiani is very happy with his baby sister.

Janet says when Andrea grows up she will tell her that she is a  “hero and an extremely brave girl” who “came ready to tackle this world.”

The group of schools Andrea was born in have gifted her a college scholarship.

“Baby girl Rodriguez will receive a college scholarship when she graduates from IDEA Public Schools in the Class of 2038!” IDEAS Public Schools announced on their Instagram account.

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