American radio host goes into early labour and gives birth live on-air

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Would you broadcast your baby’s birth live on-air to thousands of people? That’s exactly what US radio presenter Cassiday Proctor did on Tuesday when her baby boy came two weeks early. It’s fair to say she gave her listeners a much more intimate and surprising show than they were expecting.

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Having a pretty great Wednesday….

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The show must go on …

Listeners tuned into St Louis’s The Arch radio station on Tuesday morning were treated to a surprise from their regular morning show presenter Cassiday. Instead of taking early maternity leave after experiencing labour pains on Monday — two weeks before her due date — Cassiday thought it would be better to let her listeners tune in to the birth on Spencer’s Neighbourhood morning show, according to the BBC. 

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Once she knew this bub was on its way, Cassiday rallied her colleagues to make arrangements with the hospital so her listeners could hear the birth of her baby unfold in real time. The radio host went on to deliver her baby boy via caesarean, and listeners came along for the ride.

“It was amazing to be able to share the most exciting day of my life with our radio listeners,” the radio host told the BBC.

She also said that having her baby on air was “an extension of what I already do every day on our radio show [as] I share all aspects of my life with the [listeners]”.

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Little Jedi.

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One dedicated DJ

The (clearly dedicated) radio host held a competition back in January where listeners were called upon to select her unborn baby’s name. Jameson came out on top and Cassiday stayed true to her word, giving her healthy 7lbs 6oz (around 3.4kg) baby boy the moniker.

“Twelve silly names and twelve names chosen by the couple competed for one slot. We kept voting until we got to Jameson,” program director, Scott Roddy, told The Riverfront Times.

No word on whether the name was inspired by pop singer Pink, who also called her son (now aged one) Jameson, although given Cassiday works in radio we think it’s probably likely.

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Baby Daddy ?

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Magical to mat leave

Cassiday’s radio co-host, Spencer Graves, told the BBC that the on-air birth was a “magical, intimate moment”. But don’t expect anymore intimate baby moments from the new mum anytime soon. The radio host (and keen sharer) is now on maternity leave. Phew!

For those who missed it, you can listen to the segment on the radio’s website.

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