Forget water births. Sea turtle births are where it’s at.

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You’ve probably heard of a water birth. You may have even heard of a lotus birth. But what about a sea turtle birth?

No? Well then, it’s about time we all took a look (and shared a laugh) at the absolute awesomeness that is Amy Schumer.

Amy Schumer may not be a mother herself, but she certainly knows how to make mums around the world LOL! Her latest series Inside Amy Schumer delves deep into today’s modern day society with parenting parodies that we all need to watch.

One of her recent trailers touches on birthing rituals, as a group of expecting mothers discuss their birth plans. And, as you might expect, things take an unexpected turn.

As one mother reveals her decision to have a sea turtle birth, where she will give birth to the baby in a hole in the sand letting the infant decide to crawl into her arms or into the ocean, the other mums agree this sounds simply divine.

Amy’s own birth plans include giving birth on a high mountain in Tibet as far away from modern medicine as possible. Because modern medicine these days simply cannot be trusted, she deadpans.

“My doula is a Sherpa,” Amy explains, straight-faced.

Oh, but it gets better. Because one of the other mothers admits her doula “is a three month old baby. So she, like, gets it”.

Of course, the whole thing is a parody but it certainly has a few truths to it. After all, how many times have you been confused about what type of birth, feeding schedule and settling technique is best for baby?

Sea turtle births for everyone!


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