All hail the midwife! 5 reasons why midwives really deserve all our praise

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Today is International Day of the Midwife! So we’re saying thanks to all those awesome women (and men – yes guys can be midwives too!) around the world who help emotional, pain-stricken mothers in their most exciting, frightening and life-changing moments bringing children into the world.

Being a midwife surely can’t be an easy job and so we salute you. Here are five reasons why we think midwives are so great:

Look at that content baby – she is nailing this midwife gig!

1. They know their stuff

Midwives help deliver and look after babies every day so if anyone knows what they’re doing, trust us it’s them. They’ve attended all types of births and helped all kinds of mums and bubs so are super experienced, walking encyclopaedias of all things baby. Many have had children themselves too and have been in exactly the same position as the patients themselves at some point, which is a comforting thought for many new mothers.

What vagina? Nothing to see here people!

2. Embarrassing is not in their vocab

These people see vaginas, boobs and bums ALL DAY LONG. And farts, poo, blood, vomit, wee and goo? Like water off a duck’s back. They have seen it all and nothing phases them. Seriously, nothing. Midwifery is not for the fainthearted yet they make you feel like no one has even noticed all your lady bits are hanging out all over the place while the hospital crew and your husband are standing in puddles of your broken water. How nice is that? 

Am I the only one freaking out over here?!

3. They don’t care if you get crazy

Midwives know how painful, scary and emotional childbirth can be for many women; plus the aftermath of recovering whilst having a crying baby to look after and feed. Unlike your partner they’re used to seeing mothers lose their shit (literally) and they don’t even judge you for it. In fact, they expect it. What other job can you think of where people turn up to work ready to be yelled and cried at?

How about a massage while you’re back there

 4. They bring peace to utter chaos

Doctors are great but their job is strictly business end. It’s the midwives who hold your hand, wipe your forehead, fetch you water and tell you everything is going to be okay and that you can do this! When the room has reached boiling point and you can’t stand the sight of your partner anymore, often it’s the midwife who brings the much needed calm with their sensitive approach and practical support.

Wanna babysit?

5. They’re like family

Childbirth (whether it’s natural or a caesarean), is one of the biggest and most amazing things that will ever happen to a woman. And the midwives are your co-pilots. They see intimate parts of your body, feel your raw emotions, guide you through long labours, and help you to look after your baby in the first few days of its life. Not many family members (partners aside), will ever see this much of you physically and emotionally or help you as much. And so by the time you’re ready to leave the hospital, it’s no wonder it feels like you’re saying bye to family.

Thanks midwives everywhere – we love you!






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