Down-to-earth labour and birth video has mums-to-be feeling less daunted

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Popular comedian and Help Helen Smash star Laura Clery just became a mum, and she’s shared a video detailing her labour and birth on Facebook to prove it.

Reality TV

Laura’s married to musician Stephen Hilton and the pair took time away from their hit show’s alter-egos to document their baby’s arrival in the ultimate reality TV.

The clip filmed by the expectant pair shows Laura talking about her contractions, enduring contractions, recovering from contractions … and then follows the pair on their exciting drive to the hospital.

We see Laura labouring in the delivery room and her baby – a wee boy named Alfie Sound – being pulled from her body, as well as the first moments between mum, dad and bub.

 The Birth Of Our Son

The video – called The Birth Of Our Son – is a brilliant look at one family’s birthing experience and if you don’t cry watching it you’re made of stronger stuff than us!

“Water broke at 2am, arrived at hospital at 3. Went unmedicated for 4 hours and progressed to 5 centimeters – then I got an epidural and everything slowed down (no pain though),” Laura posted under the video of Alfie’s birth.

“Was fully dilated at around 6pm and had him at 6:40,” she continued. “My birth was nothing like I had planned – and it really doesn’t matter because we got a healthy beautiful baby out of it. He is so incredible. It’s hard to describe the love we feel for him. Happy to share this intimate moment with you all. We love you all.”

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“I can actually do this”

Other mums were in awe of the whole process, and felt so happy, privileged and reassured to see it.

“I’m due in 9 days- every other video I’ve seen has made me so scared and panicky like there’s no way I could get through it, but this one just made me so happy and excited and made me confident that maybe I can actually do this and everything’s going to be okay. Thank you for sharing this, wish us luck,” one follower posted.

“I’m 14 weeks pregnant with my first, it’s a boy and this literally just made me bawl my eyes out,” someone else wrote.

“I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and so excited for this and to be able to hold my little boy in my arms,” another follower commented. “I bawled through the entire video. So amazing!!”

“Oh my god that was bloody amazing to watch. I give birth in 12 weeks (my second so I know the pain) and I’m petrified. But to be honest this made me feel more excited for the birth,” another mum wrote.

Huge congrats to Laura and Stephen on the birth of baby Alfie!


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