Is Carrie Bickmore having twins? Her daughter seems to thinks so

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Carrie Bickmore’s pregnancy is blossoming and no one is more excited than her three-year-old daughter Evie, who has taken it upon herself to share some, er, news this week.

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Really gonna miss these little scallywags when I head back to work tomorrow. ❤️❤️ Couldn’t pick my fav holiday memory so have added a few. xx

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The popular TV presenter revealed on her radio show, Carrie & Tommy (Hit Network) that daughter Evie had been spreading rumours at her preschool about her mum’s pregnancy. Carrie said she was stopped by a fellow mum, who wanted to congratulate her.

‘She said, ”Are you not telling people?” And I was like, ”Er, what?” and she said, ”That you’re having twins!” and I was like, ”Pardon?”’

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WEDNESDAY: @wearekindred

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It turns out that little Evie had been telling her preschool friends all about their trip to the doctor, where they learned that Carrie was carrying twins.  And according to Carrie, this mum had bought the tall story without question.

Apparently, it’s not the only story Evie is spreading about her mum’s unborn child. Carrie told her radio listeners that their babysitter had told her Evie’s been sharing the news of their baby’s gender.

‘I was like, ”We don’t know what we’re having” and she said, ”Yeah, Evie’s told us.”’

Carrie said her daughter was convinced the baby was a boy, because she’d seen some blue baby clothes at home, and had taken it upon herself to share the news. But Carrie and her partner, Chris Walker, have not announced the sex of their baby.

I’m not so sure Evie is a reliable source of information, we all know about the imaginative worlds of three-year-olds.

But something tells me she’ll be the first to announce the big news when baby arrives …


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