8 intimate behind-the-scenes facts about Kim Kardashian West’s surrogate birth

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Kim Kardashian-West’s recent Ellen interview not only provided some funny insights into how her family works, it offered a glimpse into her three-month-old daughter Chicago’s birth via a gestational carrier.

Kim’s carrier was La’Reina Haynes, and it was her second time acting as a carrier for another family.

True to form, Ellen’s hilarious but intuitive interview style uncovered some interesting details about how this birth unfolded.

1. Kanye played Connect Four during the birth

Kim told Ellen that Kanye was indeed present at the birth, in the next room showing off his apparently BOSS Connect Four skills.

“We had a connecting room and Kanye was in there playing Connect Four with his friends, and not really paying attention,” Kim laughs. “It’s his favourite game. He’s the best at it.”

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2. Kourtney was on hand to support Kim

Worried that there might be complications, as there had been with her own births, Kim enlisted Kourtney as her support person just in case something went awry.

“I made Kourtney be in the room [when Chicago was born],” Kim said. “I was like Kourtney I need you to be here with me.”

“It’s your sister, you need a support system.”

3. Kim stayed away from the “business end”

Keen to help the woman who carried her baby through this big, physical experience Kim stayed up the head end encouraging her carrier as she pushed the baby out.

“I didn’t really want to see too much of what was going on, but enough to be there and support her. I was kind of behind her shoulder.”

4. Kim was relieved it was NOT her giving birth

As soon as Kim saw La’Reina having her epidural inserted, she was thrilled it was not her going through what was a consistently painful and terrifying experience for her.

“It was the best experience. The moment she was getting the epidural I was like ‘thank god this is not me!'”

“My deliveries were really bad, always surgeries afterwards and crazy, scary things. [This delivery] was just such a breeze.”

5. Kim connected to her newborn immediately

While initially Kim was worried about whether she’d bond with the biological child she had not carried herself, she revealed that she instantly fell in love with her newborn baby girl.

“The second she came out, any fear that I had of ‘will I not have this connection?’ ‘will she not look like me?’ All of that goes out the door. And instantly, she’s ours.”

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6. Kim became good friends with her gestational carrier

La’Reina is obviously a very generous and selfless woman, with her own family, and Kim (and her family) have formed lifelong bonds with her.

“She’s so amazing. I’ve become good friends with her. She’s so sweet. Her family’s great. It was such an easy experience.”

7. Chicago was super alert when she was born

When Chicago was only halfway born, she threw her arms out in surprise, with Kim theorising she was excitedly announcing her arrival.

“She’s such a cutie,” Kim gushes. “The second the baby came out, her whole body wasn’t even out, just up to her waist, she put her arms out like this [signals arms fully outstretched sideways] and she was like ‘I’m here!’ It was so cute!”

8. Chicago was going to be called something else

Kim admits she broke her own rule of one syllable names, and it’s bugging her a tiny bit.

“We were going to name her Jo, because my grandma’s Mary-Jo. Or we were going to go with Grace. And then it was Chicago.”

Kim says Donda – Kanye’s late mother’s name – was also under consideration, but they settled on the city name that saw much of Kanye’s formative years.

“[Kanye] really wanted his mother’s name, and I love that name too. I just wasn’t sure if it’s so much to live up to.”

“I just felt like Chicago was cool and different.”

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