Hello baby! 11 must-see award-winning photos that give us a glimpse at birth

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Each year, the Birth Photography Competition unveils some of the most beautiful birth images we’ve ever seen and this year is no exception. We’re excited to share some of their favourites with Babyology readers.

The competition is the brainchild of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP).

Miracles captured

The call went out to well over 1,200 photographers in 42 countries and the cream of the crop scooped the award pool.

“Our Association has grown by leaps and bounds and our members continually produce excellent, emotive, invaluable birth photographs for the families that hire them,” association founder Lyndsay Stradtner said.

They most certainly do, Lyndsay!

These shots are compelling and beautiful. Women, babies and families captured in life-changing, intimate moments.

Take a peek at some of the Honourable Mention winners below.

Honourable Mentions


Catching Her Baby, Born Via Surrogacy

Photographer: Leilani Rogers, Photographer

Twin birth

Three’s Not A Crowd

Photographer: Snap Life Photography

Water birth

En caul, posterior, nuchal hand surprise babe

Photographer: Kimberly E. Photography

Holding baby at birth

Joyful Finale

Photographer: Elise Hurst Photography

Cord around baby at birth

Entangled in the cord that ties us

Photographer: Cat Fancote – Capturing Birth

Caesarean birth

Gentle Caesarean Birth

Photographer: Belle Verdiglione Photography

Big sister watching baby being born

Alondra´s Birth – Future big sister

Photographer: Public Kiss Photography

Water birth

Before the first breath

Photographer: Birth In Focus

Water birth

As she rose from the depths into the hands of love

Photographer: Tree of Life Doula Photography

Birth holding baby

17 Years of Waiting: A Non-Fertility Miracle

Photographer Ker-Fox Photography


A Sister Is Born

Photographer: Rebecca Coursey Photographer + Doula

See the full list of Honourable Mentions at the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers awards site.

Congratulations to all those honoured in these awards.


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