Stuck for the perfect baby name? This business will help you choose one!

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There are lots of reasons why choosing a baby name can feel a bit stressful. Perhaps you and your partner can’t agree on something you both love? Maybe you are just pushed for time and keep encountering the same old suggestions? Or you might be keen for something that stands out from the crowd, but a little worried it might be too bonkers for your bub? Well now there’s a service that wants to help. Yup!

Future-proof baby names on demand

Future Perfect (which is a pretty brilliant name in itself if you ask me) want to make naming babies easier for indecisive or busy parents.

Their baby name consultancy provides a carefully customised service, aiming to help mums and dads select the perfect moniker for their bundle of joy.

Speaking to People magazine, mum Cara Sullivan who co-founded the business with fellow mum Macaire Douglas said that they hope to help parents choose creatively and come up with something that feels true to them and their history.

“There are tons of sites where you can browse through hundreds of baby names, but there aren’t really any services that streamline the naming process,” Cara pointed out.

If you’ve ever trawled through those sites you’ll know they are a total time suck and often leave you feeling even more confused. 

“We make it low-stress but also keep it super, super personal. It’s really [about] finding a name that aligns with you, your partner, your shared history and your separate histories,” Cara said.

They’re not aiming to reinvent the wheel, but rather matchmake names to couples who might be keen to cast the net a little wider.

The name game

Cara and Macaire suggest that their service – which offers a variety of packages – is a great time-saver AND/OR a brilliant and unusual baby shower gift.

For US $100 (the cheapest package) clients complete a quick questionnaire and receive a 15-minute phone consultation. Then Future Perfect comes up with ten carefully researched names they think will suit the incoming bub and reflect the parents’ loves and lives.

So what sort of names do expert name-choosers select for their own children, you might be wondering? Well, Macaire has two sons called Eyan and Jude, while Cara has two daughters named Reeve and Vaughn.

You can check out Future Perfect’s baby name trend advice here. There are some good ones on that list.


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