Game of Thrones baby names are so hot right now

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When it comes to baby names, the question on everyone’s lips is: to GoT or not to GoT?

While exact statistics for names that don’t make it into the top 100 are hard to come by, there are numerous documented cases of Australian babies called Arya/Aria, Khaleesi and Daenerys.

In the US, there are also plenty of kids named Stark, Ellaria, Olenna, Jorah and Tyrion bouncing around. You can even find a few Cerseis, Sansas and Theons.

And with the eighth and final season of the cult show unravelling before our very eyes, the number of sentimental Thronies who are considering Game of Thrones character names for their babies is increasing exponentially.

In my view, the answer to that burning question falls into three categories …

1. GoT to have them

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These are the monikers that are SO awesome that you shouldn’t even hesitate for a second before inking them on your child’s birth certificate. Warning: this category is awfully concise …


This harmonious appellation means ‘song’ or ‘melody’ in Italian. It’s lovely. But Ned and Catelyn Stark’s daughter Arya is far from sweet and demure – she’s busy kicking ass and taking names. She doesn’t have time to stand around listening to people coo about how ‘pretty’ her name is.

So, if you like the feminine allure of this name, go ahead use it. But chances are you’re not really naming your daughter after Arya Stark. Plus, most parents end up opting for the more traditional ‘Aria’ spelling which was number 24 in Australia last year.

That’s it. Just one name in this category and I was kinda negative about it. #soznotsoz

2. GoT or not?

In case you missed that, because I was trying too hard, this category is a play on the words “Hot or not?” These names leave me scratching my head because I can’t decide if I love them or hate them.


When I first heard that people were naming actual human children Khaleesi after the first season of GoT aired in 2011, I felt angry. “It’s not even her NAME!” I raged. “It’s her title! It means ‘queen’ in Dothraki!” People were all like, “Calm down”, but I get passionate about these things.

Eight years later, I’m completely desensitised to it. Fine, name your kid Khaleesi if you must. Just stick to the spelling, will ya? I saw “Kahlissey” the other day and nearly died.


I had similar feelings about babies being given Khaleesi’s actual name when I first heard it. I saw it as a spelling nightmare and a form of mild lifelong torture for the bearer.

But I get it – Queen Daenerys Targaryen is an attractive character with her ice queen demeanour and her strange ability to pull off platinum hair and black brows. Plus, she gets it on with Jason Momoa, yo. But I digress. I don’t suggest this epithet but go forth if you must.


Why’s everybody hating on Sansa Stark? She’s a cool chick, she’s a warrior, she’s learnt and grown from her mistakes. Plus, her name has a kick-ass ring to it, don’t you think? I particularly love the fact that it’s a real Sanskrit sobriquet meaning ‘praise’ or ‘charm’ rather than being completely made up like most other GoT names.

The only thing that’s stopping me from placing it in the ‘GoT to have them’ category is that Sansa has detractors and you’ll have to decide whether you want to risk those negative associations with your daughter.


Ellaria Sand is a bastard (GoT’s words, not mine!) and a bit of a ‘meh’ character. But for some reason, parents have cottoned on to this sucker. It might be because it sounds feminine and modern, but I just don’t think those are good enough reasons to name your kid after an obscure GoT character. Go big or go home.

3. Just say nay

These unsavoury morsels should never be bestowed upon a child no matter what the circumstances.


Queen Cersei Lannister is an evil, ruthless bitch. Are those really the types of personality traits you want your child’s name to conjure up? I don’t care if you think it sounds nice or you have a thing for evil queens, it’s a terrible idea. Think of your child’s future job prospects. Don’t do it.


Bastard son of Queen Cersei and her twin brother Jaime. Equally loathsome character. He was so reviled that he was poisoned at his own wedding. And that snivelly, malevolent face? *shudder* No thanks. This name can die along with the final episode of Game of Thrones.


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