Oliver and Charlotte still the top baby names in 2019 – but chosen less often

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Last week, NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages revealed the most popular baby names for 2019, offering very few surprises when it came to the overall winners.

At the top of the list

The number one names remain unchanged with Oliver and Charlotte still crowned the most popular for 2019. Oliver has been the hot favourite for six years in a row and thanks to our popular pint-sized princess, Charlotte has now topped the list for the last three years.

Overall, the most popular top ten boys name in NSW are fairly consistent with Noah and William following Oliver, merely swapping places for second and third. Jack still comes in fourth but Leo and Lucas have jumped up the list over Henry and Thomas. And newcomers James and Ethan make a sudden appearance.

For girls, Olivia and Mia are still next on the list and many of the names have carried through to 2019 such as Ava, Isla and Chloe. However this time around, Sophia and Ella have popped up at numbers nine and ten, replacing Harper and Emily.

Middle names still prove solid

NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages data reveals that middle names have been much more consistent over the years with James, John and William being the top picks for boys for the past 40 years. Similarly for girls, Rose and Grace have still been popular choices, having replaced Louise and Jane in the 80s and 90s.

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Most popular but not always preferred

According to the NSW Government website, the results indicate that while the most popular first names have been fairly consistent over recent years, people are no longer rushing to actually choose the top names when it comes to their own children. In fact the numbers have significantly decreased over the last coupe of decades.

The data reveals that in 2019 only 449 baby girls were named Charlotte and 568 boys were named Oliver, while in 1990, 1647 girls were called the most popular name, Jessica and 1486 boys were called Mathew, the most popular choice for boys at the time.

“Choosing a name is always a very special moment, with modern parents often opting for more unique names for their children or altering the spelling of common names to make them stand out,” Attorney General Mark Speakman reported on the website.

So while the names Oliver and Charlotte are still popular, they’re not the ones that most parents are only opting for.

Check out the full lists:

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Image: nsw.gov.au


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