60 awesome baby names from our Aussie shores

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Cities, towns and even countries make great baby names. Jackson, Austin, Georgia, Dallas, Indiana, London and Brooklyn are all making their way up the baby name charts.

If you love geographical names, but prefer to keep it home grown then here are a few Aussie classics to consider.

Down under baby boy names

There are countless boy names inspired by Aussie towns, cities and suburbs, but here are our top 20 favourites:

  1. Alvie (Victoria)
  2. Byron (New South Wales – Byron Bay)
  3. Theodore (Queensland)
  4. Miles (Queensland)
  5. Benin (Western Australia)
  6. Bowen (Queensland)
  7. Coen (Queensland)
  8. Jervis (ACT – Jervis Bay)
  9. Cadell (South Australia)
  10. Apollo (Victoria – Apollo Bay)
  11. Burnie (Tasmania)
  12. Clifton (Queensland)
  13. Wentworth (New South Wales)
  14. Clinton (South Australia)
  15. Euston (New South Wales)
  16. Raleigh (New South Wales)
  17. Evan (New South Wales – Evans Head)
  18. Warner (Queensland)
  19. Darwin (Northern Territory)
  20. Weston (New South Wales)

Aussie inspired baby girl names

Narrowing down our top 20 favourite Aussie girl names was just as tricky. But here are our picks:

  1. Augusta (Western Australia)
  2. Alma (Victoria)
  3. Allora (Queensland)
  4. Isa (Queensland – Mount Isa)
  5. Eden (South Australia – Eden Valley)
  6. Calliope (Queensland)
  7. Diamantina (Queensland)
  8. Ariah (Ariah Park New South Wales)
  9. Riana (Tasmania)
  10. Kiandra (New South Wales)
  11. Indigo (Victoria – Indigo Valley)
  12. Jannali (New South Wales)
  13. Moira (Victoria)
  14. Agnes (New South Wales – Agnes Banks)
  15. Venus (Victoria – Venus Bay)
  16. Kerrie (Victoria)
  17. Greta (New South Wales)
  18. Junee (New South Wales)
  19. Alexandria (New South Wales)
  20. Leonora (Western Australia)

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Home grown unisex names

Some names are simply perfect for either a boy or a girl. Take a look at these gender-bending geographical inspired names.

  1. Airlie (Queensland – Airlie Beach)
  2. Albany (Western Australia)
  3. Emerald (Queensland)
  4. Marlo (Victoria)
  5. Avalon (Victoria)
  6. Jericho (Tasmania)
  7. Morgan (South Australia)
  8. Elliot (South Australia – Port Elliot)
  9. Zanthus (Western Australia)
  10. Lynton (Western Australia)

The top ten trendsetting city (and state) names

You probably have heard these ones before. And you most likely know a child (or seven) named after one of these locations.

  1. Adelaide (South Australia)
  2. Kimberly (Northern Territory)
  3. Alice (Northern Territory – Alice Springs)
  4. Logan (Queensland)
  5. Lincoln (South Australia – Port Lincoln)
  6. Sydney (New South Wales)
  7. Katherine (Western Australia)
  8. Victoria (state)
  9. Hunter (New South Wales – Hunter Valley)
  10. Alexandra (Victoria)

Check out our extensive baby name archives for thousands of ideas on naming your little one, including names inspired by nature, celebrities, songs and even Shakespeare.

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