20 old-fashioned baby names that are making a comeback

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What’s old is new again, right? So it makes total sense that we’re loving these old-fashioned baby names that are starting to make their way back on the shortlists of soon-to-be parents.

Just as ’90s teens dared to wear flares like their parents did decades before, and Gen Z are wearing chokers and Levi’s like their parents, there has been somewhat of a retro revival in the baby naming stakes.

We aren’t talking about names that sound great on adults but weird on babies (though I am sure there are a few amongst them), we mean the monikers from a bygone era.

They are the names that at first don’t seem to belong to a baby born after 1960 but are so irresistible and classically sweet they’re ready to return.

Here’s 20 of our favourites:

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