Jacinta Tynan and Will McCloy: Toxic and competitive parenting, He-man and more

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Writer and author Jacinta Tynan and sports and travel presenter Will McCloy join The Parent Panel to chat with host Shevonne Hunt about their approach to parenting.

This week that includes:

    • Whether middle-class parents are guilty of toxic parenting
    • What you would do differently if you could reverse the parenting clock
  • If being boastful about your child equals competitive parenting
  • Favourite toys from your childhood

Listen to Jacinta Tynan and Will McCloy on The Parent Panel:

Are today’s parents guilty of ‘toxic parenting’? 

John Marsden has just released his book The Art of Growing Up

In it, he laments the rise of toxic parenting. Mums and Dads who overindulge and overprotect their children, so that they have little independence or experience of not getting what they want.

He talks about parents who still peel mandarins for their kids when they’re four, who don’t let them sleepover at someone else’s house and generally ‘hover’ over them. 

Do you think today’s parents are over protecting their kids? How do you feel about your own approach to parenting in light of John’s comments? 

If you had to start again, what would you do differently?

This week Angela Mollard wrote in the News Ltd press (Paywall) about the things she would do differently if she were to start parenting her kids all over again.

She said she wouldn’t cut the tops off strawberries, and she would have rescued them less. 

What would you do differently if you had to start again? Is there anything you will do differently with your second baby to your first?

When a proud parent crosses the line 

This week parenting educator Michael Grose was on Feed Play Love talking about the politics of parenting. He was talking about the line between being proud of your child and boasting. He said that when parents cross that line they step into competitive parenting, and that can make others feel inadequate. The example he used was of a mum who said her baby slept through the night, when they’d only done it once.

When have you been super proud of your child? Were you tempted (or did you) tell the world? 

What was your favourite toy growing up? 

This week Mattel announced it was bringing back He-Man, the buff hero from the ’80s cartoon, to the delight of Gen Xers everywhere.

What was your favourite toy growing up? Would you like to see a comeback? 


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