10 of our favourite boy band posters from the ’90s

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This blast from the past has had us reminiscing about all the boy bands we fawned over in the ’90s and looking back on them now, our tastes have not aged well – and we’ve rounded up ten posters that prove it.

1. The Backstreet Boys

It wasn’t just their smooth crooning in I Want It That Way and Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely that had teen girls going wild … from the below poster it would appear we also liked an ill-fitting suit and over-sized collar (Nick), a guy who got his hair blow-dried at our mum’s salon (Howie) and razor-sharp goaties that could pierce glass along with our hearts (AJ).

Also, this poster:

My friends and I all agreed that Nick was “the hot one” back in the day – complete with a bowl cut and dorky poses, apparently!

2. Hanson

Hanson MMMBopped their way into our hearts … along with their baby faces, high-pitched vocals and luscious heads of hair that put our own to shame. They also posed for posters such as this:

You don’t have to look closely to cringe over the fact that they were SO YOUNG. And that Zac got his hair braided like he was just back from a Bali holiday. And that all their posters obviously look like a band of brothers going through awkward puberty:


Bye, Bye, Bye had us saying Hello, Hello, Hello to JT’s Maggi noodle hair, billowing silk shirt ensembles, and JC’s questionable flat haircut that made him look like Spock (see below right).

4. 5ive

Again with the serious faces and the serious hair. Particular shoutout to Scott (second from the right) for boldly spiking his hair for maximum view of his scalp.

5. Take That

Robbie Williams and co sure knew how to show off their rigs, probably even more so than their vocal chops. Bet they regret posing for the below now!

6. Westlife

They really could have called Westlife “Three Blonde Triplets and Two Brunette Twins” (or TBTTBT for short). I can’t for the life of me tell them apart, and the guy on the left looks like he selected his outfit from my wardrobe circa 1997.

7. 98 Degrees

Note to former teen self: Don’t fall for guys who get their band’s name tattooed inside a sun on their muscular arms. End of story.


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