Toddler trikes for thrills, not spills

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I was talking to our local cafe owner last week and being a loyal Babyology reader, she mentioned she was in the market for a toddler trike for her niece. It struck me like a bolt of lightning that we have never quite paid homage to this toddler essential, an item most of us have at some stage.

First, allow me to sing the praises of the toddler trike. At a certain stage of life, around 18 months, many children start protesting about being in a pram. Now believe me, when this happened to us, it was no time to ditch the pram – we definitely still needed it – but we also went looking for a mode of toddler transportation which would give him a sense of freedom and fun while out and about.

Enter the toddler trike! With a parent handle, handlebar and pedals, our previously obstinate, difficult and writhing toddler turned into a compliant happy and entertained boy when faced with hopping on the trike and being strapped in safely. This in stark contrast to the daily pram and car seat struggles. He felt in control and empowered and in turn, I got things done and was able to go about my day calm and happy. Priceless!

We recently came across a website completely devoted to children’s trikes in all their forms and thought we show you our picks from it. Before you make your choice, check out the Think Trikes handy Trike Buying Guide to work out what to look for. And don’t forget to also buy a helmet for your little one.

Here are our favourites from the site and we have tried to picture what we consider to be reasonably unisex versions but the models are often available in more than one colour choice.

One to five years

The top two pictures are of the Italtrike Azzurro – $189.

Kettler Kettrike Oceana – $229

Eurotrike Playsafe 2 – $220

Kettler Kiddi-o Racer Trike – $160

Italtrike OKO Plus – $286

Radio Flyer – $150

Three to six years & tandems

Italtrike Alutrike – $375

Italtrike Super Lucy Classic – $112

Italtrike Linea Rossa 9002 Carry Tandem Tricycle – $398

Italtrike Pilot 200-10 Tandem – $446


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