A brilliant balance bike that’s perfect for free-wheeling kiddos

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If you’re looking for a fresh set of wheels for your little one, then this bike might be the ride of your/their dreams!

Brum Brum Balance Bike

Kid-life balance

The Brum Brum balance bike hails all the way from Latvia, and while it might not be the first choice for the budget conscious, it comes with a whole heap of award-winning specs that are hard to resist.

Firstly, this bike is fully adjustable: The wheels can be moved up or down on both the front and rear forks, to allow for growing little legs.

Secondly: It looks beautiful! The Brum Brum boasts a futuristic frame with two-tone wheels (hello tubeless tyres!) and a walnut finish.

Thirdly: It’s a dream to ride. The bike’s natural suspension means your kiddo can navigate bumps and potholes with ease, gliding along the streets of your town like the easy, breezy rider that she is.

Before you ask, yes the Brum Brum does ship to Australia – and it retails for just under $500, in case you are keen to hit the old “add to cart”. Brum Brum Balance Bike

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