This $8 Kmart hack is the genius solution to every parent’s worst LEGO problem

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Not only does Kmart seemingly have all the answers to our home-decorating woes, the retail chain is also in possession of a very handy item to help clear in one big sweep all the LEGO your child has, no doubt, left abandoned on the floor after playtime.

Sharing the cleaning tip on the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page, Ange Dobbin left many parents wondering why they hadn’t thought of this sooner. 

“Went and bought a pooper scooper today and it’s the best $8 I have spent for picking up my son’s Lego,” the mum wrote. 

Kmart pet poop scoop The post was met with excitement and capital letters, with one mum describing it as the “BEST KMART HACK EVER.”

But that’s not all. Another mum recommended an additional handy use for the poop scooper. 

“I use mine for NERF bullets too,” the mum added. #Genius

Organisation station

But wait! Kmart isn’t the only retail destination helping parents deal with their worst LEGO nightmares. 

Using a Lack table, Kungsfors rail and hanging buckets from Ikea, the perfect LEGO organisation station was created for children to play at. And with this station all set up and ready for play, hopefully those pesky LEGO blocks will stay off the floor entirely! 

Alternatively, an old-school storage sack is a super practical and easy way for kids to pull out, play with and pack away LEGO themselves. 

It’s also really easy to take to different locations too – like the grandparents’ house (and then accidentally leave it there!).


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