These cute ride-on scooters are perfect for the little mod in your life

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If being on the go is your toddler’s jam. If they wanna take to the streets because nothing’s gonna hold them back. If they fancy feeling the wind in their face as they tear up the playground footpath, then these blinking adorable baby mod ride-ons will be just their thing!

Indigo Jamm scooter

Born to ride?

These adorable ride-ons are the genius work of Indigo Jamm Scooters. They come in four colour combos: pink, red, hearts and aqua and are fitted with multi-directional castors so they can zip all over the place with a minimum of fuss.

They’re painted with cute details like a speedo and license plate to make them look extra-scooter-like, and we have to say we really love the vintage styling.

We spotted these over at Little Earth Nest who very helpfully offer Afterpay, in case you want to snaffle one on the drip and go easy on the family budget.

These Indigo Jamm kids’ scooters retail for $149.95 a pop.


Indigo Jamm scooter Indigo Jamm scooter  Indigo Jamm scooter

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