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There’s much pleasure to be had in the simple things in life, especially when it comes to children. Like watching a spinning top do its thing.

My son was recently given a spinning top as a gift. To him, that small piece of turned wood is rather an enigma. The dedication of trying to get his spin technique just right has him jutting out his tongue and creasing his forehead – and has me smiling. There’s a multitude of benefits this small toy has given him, including honing fine motor skills and pleasure in simple things. For me, it’s a realisation that sometimes a silent, simple toy can be a joy.


These beautifully handcrafted spinning tops are the creation of woodturner David Earle, who lives on Vashon Island in the US, and uses locally grown, salvaged hardwoods for his craft.

spinning1, wooden spinning tops

He credits slow air-drying and skillful turning for very well balanced tops, which can actually be spun upside down. They come in a large range of shapes and colours, and are visually stunning. They cost US$12 each from David Turns Bowls, plus shipping to Australia.



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