Praise be because ALDI are about to sell all your favourite childhood toys

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If you have ever wanted to indoctrinate your child into the cult of old school toys, the time is nigh thanks to those Special Buys champs at ALDI.

Old school Special Buys

Yup, this Wednesday ALDI will have shoppers stepping back in retro style with a bunch of favourite playthings from the ’80s and ’90s.

“What’s on offer?” we hear you ask. Well, pretty much exactly what you’d have written on your Christmas Wishlist back in 1992.

You’ll find My Little Pony, Mr Potato Head and his lovely wife, Care Bears, Slinkys, favourite old school board games (hello Battleship!) and Rubik’s cube. A version of the old fave Fuzzy Felt toys will also make a guest appearance in the middle aisle, as will creative favourite Spirograph and much, much more.

All this comes at the perfect time, just ahead of Christmas 2019. Shudder. #BreathesIntoPaperBag

Once you’ve recovered from the fact that it’s just 58 days until Santa turns up, you’ll probably realise that this could be an excellent opportunity to relieve some of that festive stress and snap up some early gifts for the youngsters – or the young at heart – in your life.

ALDI special buys retro toys

The best of the bunch

We’re recommending the Care Bears (a reasonable $19.99) and the My Little Pony toys ($12.99) for old time’s sake. But even the grown-ups in your life would love to revisit a Rubik’s cube ($19.99) or find a harmonica or yoyo ($7.99) in their Christmas stocking, don’t you think?!

Those My Little Pony toys are made from the original moulds so they are 100 percent legit. Ponies include Cotton Candy, Butterscotch, Blue Belle, Snuzzle, Minty and Blossom, in case you are a detail-oriented shopper.

It looks like there are a couple of different Care Bear styles to choose from, (as well as Elmo and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.)

The Rubik’s Duo gift pack features the classic Rubik’s cube plus the lesser-known but equally tricky Rubik’s Snake.

And those Fuzzy Felt-ish toys we mentioned? They come in SIX designs – dinosaur, princess castle, fire engine, farm, zoo or aquatic diving – and are only $4.99 a pop.

Have your pointy elbows at the ready and prepare to head into the ALDI mosh pit THIS Wednesday 30 October. Godspeed shoppers!

ALDI special buys retro toys




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