Rock on: These might just be the cutest kids’ rockers EVER

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Yup. We think we’ve found them. The most adorable and outside-the-square rockers for kids …

Rock on!

If you thought rocking horses were the be all and end all of ride-on fun, think again! 

Maison Deux have taken rocking toys to a whole other level, busting out watermelon slices, clouds, moons and even a top hat for kids to play on. Wait, what?!

They’re “the new generation of rocking horses,” their makers say and we have to say we think they’re spot on.

Not only are these toys lots of fun for little ones, their simple lines and pretty palette mean they’ll fit neatly into design-led modern nurseries. It’s a win-win for parents and kiddos!

Iconic Rockers by Maison Deux

Iconic Watermelon rocking horse – $750

Iconic Rockers by Maison Deux

Iconic Cloud rocking horse – $750

Future heirlooms for design buffs

The rockers are carefully crafted from solid French oak, and the upholstery is pure wool meaning they’re as durable as they are stylish. 

Made in the Netherlands, these pastel and monochrome nursery pieces also feature practical rubber strips on each rocker, to keep floors scuff-free.

Of course, quality very often comes at a cost. These future heirlooms range in price from $750 to $855. The Iconic Rocker range is available in Australia at Top3ByDesign – or  internationally via Maison Deux.


Iconic Rockers by Maison Deux

Iconic Moon rocking horse – $750

Iconic Rockers by Maison Deux

Iconic Bowler Hat rocking horse – $750

Iconic Rockers by Maison Deux

Iconic Blue Parisian rocking horse – $855


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