Luv at first sight: Mel Watts’ adorable kids review the new Luvabella doll

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 If you want someone to review a doll, there’s no point asking a parent. Kids are the experts, which is why we asked little miss Ivie instead. She’s the eldest daughter of mother of four and super-blogger Mel Watts and at just five years of age, is already quite the doll connoisseur.

Not surprisingly, Ivie was more than happy to take the new Luvabella for a test drive. Watch her cute video review captured by Mel:

“Ivie’s had a lot of dolls in but none of them have been as realistic or fun as Luvabella,” says Mel about her daughter’s new crush. “She’s found it really easy to interact with from the start. She’s been playing with all the accessories, like her little Lamby toy, and giving her a dummy or feeding her with her spoon. Even her sister Indie, who’s two, has really fallen in love with her. It’s been so cute watching them.”

Luvabella is also smart and packed with personality. Amazingly, the more you play with her, the more she learns and interacts. The doll boasts over 100 words and phrases in its vocabulary, which are gradually ‘unlocked’ through play as time goes by.

“Ivie’s called hers Missy and she’s already learnt to play Peek-A-Boo by covering her eyes,” explains Mel. “If you take her little lamb and touch her nose, Luvabella will make an animal sound. We’ve also discovered little tricks along the way that she really enjoys, like burping her and tickling.”

Her kids also love how life-like Luvabella is, even if it’s caused Mel some confusion while caring for her own new baby Sonny.

“Ivie was pushing Luvabella around in a pram while I was feeding Sonny, and for a second, I was like “Oh my god! How did she get Sonny in the pram because all I could see was arms and legs… it looked like there was a real baby in the pram!”

The kids have also had their moments too. “They don’t understand why Sonny doesn’t make animal noises when you put the toy lamb to his nose,” says Mel. “I think he thinks Luvabella is his competition – he doesn’t know what’s going on.”

Ivie certainly thinks her Luvabella is a ‘real baby’ and hasn’t stopped caring for her since she arrived. “She thinks she is a full-blown mum now!” says Mel with a laugh. “She takes her everywhere, she hushes her to sleep, makes her a little bed, puts her in a highchair and makes sure she eats with us… she’s really part of the family now!”

With the added bonus that this child “shuts off and goes to sleep easily”, she jokes.

With Ivie, it was Luv at first sight, but Mel also points out this one is designed to appeal to little lads too.  “A lot of little boys love dolls too and with Luvabella, you can switch the doll over from saying ‘mama’ to ‘dada’ – I think that’s a really cool feature.”

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