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It’s five favourite post time! I say it every year, but seriously – just five? Click through to see what caught my eye and made my heart pump fast in the past year!

Never one to miss making the most of a holiday, I loved putting together the DIY Easter Crafts post, I’m in awe of the clever people that create such amazing things! Be sure to pin it to a Pinterest board for next Easter, though of course they are ideas that can be used all all year ’round!


Being a stationery enthusiast, (meaning passionate paper lover nutter) I was instantly enamoured by the colour and designs that welcomed me upon entering KatyJane Designs. Crisp corners, quality printed cards and rich, delicious ink colours were nearly more than I could handle. Though I managed to power through enough to put the Vintage Bluebird writing pad on my gift wishlist!

puzzle blocks

I’m pretty sure my children will grow out of wooden block play before I do and they’re not backwards in coming forwards in telling me they’re too old for blocks. Whatever, I choose not to listen. Even so, none of them have complained about being too big forĀ FaceMaker blocks, which caught my eye because they’re interesting and fun enough to hold any child’s attention, whatever the age.


I was so excited by the Boardstiff I Am Here Play mat that I made my order before I had even finished writing about it. My son can relate to the printed local streets and who lives where in our neighborhood, plus it’s constantly in a state of play covered in cars and Lego!


Finally with an excited squeal of delight and possibly leaving the best until last – there’s been welcoming the Babyology babies. We’ve seen several new pint-sized and cute as a button recruits join the team with Audrey, Emme, Iggy, Jarvis and, most recently, Hawkin all being born in the past year!

Until next year folks, that’s it for me – were any of my favourites your favourites too?


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