Lara Worthington shows off her impressive mum skills in latest video

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Model mum Lara Worthington is a flat-pack ninja who has just put us all to shame with her insanely wicked skills at constructing items out of many boxed pieces — and we’ve got the video to prove it.

Not a bingle in sight

Clearly not content with being a gorgeous model, beauty entrepreneur, raising two gorgeous boys and being a wife to Hollywood star Sam Worthington; Aussie legend Lara has well and truly confirmed she is also adding flat-pack ninja to her resumé.

It seems her two boys, two-year-old Rocket and one-year-old Racer, were keen to play pretend ice-cream shops and Lara was more than happy to take matters into her own hands to deliver the goods to her little loves. In a sped-up video uploaded to her Instagram page, Lara can be seen hard at work, assembling a very complicated looking ice-cream shop made from many pieces of wood in the doorway of her home.

Fancy a scoop?

The deep in concentration Lara doesn’t even crack a sweat as she wades through the instructions, juggling Allen Keys, screwdrivers and one of her two toddling tiny people. According to the caption, the seemingly assembled ice-cream shop is still not quite finished but she can’t be far off completing her masterpiece, judging by the last frame of the video.

As any parent will attest, assembling a toy for your kids is not a feat to be taken lightly. It takes skill and dedication (and often a lot of swearing). You can quickly find you’ve worked yourself up into a sweaty mess with no clear sign of when you’ll actually manage to assemble an object that looks vaguely like the picture on the box.

But Lara is evidently an old hand at this construction business. Late last year she shared a similar sped-up video of herself constructing a flat-pack cot at breakneck speed, using a toy hammer nonetheless. 

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While her fans were very supportive and clearly impressed, some shared their reluctance to take on such a task. “You’re amazing!! I’m too scared to assemble flat packs. That’s hubby territory,” wrote one commenter.

Even Sharon Bingle, Lara’s mum, had a thing or two to say about her daughter’s latest flat-pack assembling video.

“Aww stop showing off, just like your Dad,” wrote Sharon.

It’s the private life for Lara and Sam

The famous couple are known for being fiercely protective of their young family, choosing to keep both boys out of the spotlight and their faces off their social media feeds. Lara does share the occasional photo of little sandy feet or bed snuggles with tiny arms but it’s rare for her to share more than that. We did get a sneak peek of two-year-old Rocket on his dad’s shoulders this week and a beautiful far-off photo of both boys taking a dip in a pool.

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Morning swim.

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Lara is clearly enjoying her role as a mum and has embraced all the joy and challenges (including flat-packs) that come with the parenting gig. We hope she continues to inspire us with her hands-on approach! 


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