Crafty grandpa transforms cardboard boxes into a Pixar-themed cubby house

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This grandpa has just “upped” the bar on awesome cardboard creations with his Pixar-inspired playhouse. Using only scraps of cardboard, some plywood and paint, he manages to design a dream house for his three-year-old granddaughter, Ellie.

cardboard box house 4

Who doesn’t love the adorably quirky Ellie in Disney-Pixar’s UP?

This real-life Ellie just received a surprise of a lifetime when her grandfather, Jeh Caparas, from the Philippines crafted a playhouse strikingly similar to the one featured in the movie. The main difference (aside from the obvious cartoon-element), Grandpa crafted his UP house out of cardboard.

cardboard box house 2

Jeh started with a simple frame made of scrapes of plywood and cardboard. After securing all the parts, the loving grandpa set to work painting the house during his days babysitting Ellie.

cardboard box house 3

Being an artist-at-heart, Jeh painted both the exterior and the interior himself (with the assistance of Ellie). The wooden pattern, the rock design and the red shingles on the roof are all designed and painted by Jeh.

He even added a fully functioning light to the inside.

cardboard box house 1

Little Ellie absolutely adores her UP house and the entire creation is a testament of the bond these two share.

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