Get in quick! Kmart has released an amazing NEW wooden toy range

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Remember how nuts everyone went for Kmart’s brilliant wooden kitchens for kids? And then the Kmart cubby houses were the must have o’ the day? Well they’re well and truly doubled-down on this role play genre, adding a bunch of lovely new things to their range!

Kmart Wooden Toy

Sign us up, Kmart!

Guaranteed to delight parents and kids alike, the new wooden toys from Kmart are still home-y like the kitchen, but branch out a little into cleaning, shopping, primping and cooking!

There’s a wooden BBQ set – complete with condiments, snacks and utensils – for the little griller in your life. A wooden dressing table and matching stool is just perfect for mini make-overs. Got a neat freak at your place? The cleaning cart will keep them busy all the live-long day! And for kiddos who know that fresh is best – a market stall where they can yell today’s special prices and bag apples like it’s nobody’s business!

Kmart Wooden Toy

The great thing about these toys is that they encourage open-ended, imaginative play, improving kids’ social skills, refining fine motor skills, boosting creative thinking … and much more.

(Also … They look cute, which is a real bonus if you’re keen on your home looking stylish – and don’t fancy a garish plastic play set dominating the living room. These toys fit right in!)

The range is priced very reasonably. The market stall is $69, the bbq set is $39, the cleaning trolley is $29 and the dressing table is $39.

Kmart Wooden Toy

Kmart Wooden Toy

Good things come in small(er) packages

If space is tight and you fancy these things, but can’t squeeze them into your place, fear not. There are some more bite-sized role-play toys that will tickle your fancy (and keep your kiddo busy in the process!)

Choose from a breakfast set, a sushi lunch, a sandwich press or a fruit-cutting set. And that’s just for starters. There are lots more options on offer and they retail for less than $10 (which makes you wonder just how they keep the prices so very low …)

Click through to Kmart to see the full range and make your choice/s (or find out more!)


Kmart Wooden Toy Kmart Wooden Toy Kmart Wooden Toy Kmart Wooden Toy

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