7 must-have items every little Emma Wiggle lover needs in their life

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Some children’s love for Emma, the very first female Wiggle, knows no bounds. Luckily there are lots of excellent Emma-type things you can treat them to. Here are just a tiny few of our favourites to consider for birthdays or (shudder) Christmas … or just because!

1. This beautiful doll

Emma Wiggle Ballerina Doll

This gorgeous Emma doll will make all your little Wiggles fans’ dreams come true. It comes with Emma’s familiar skivvy-and-skirt-combo outfit, as well as a pretty ballerina outfit. The Emma Ballerina Dress-up Doll is $39 and you can find her at Big W and other major outlets.

2. This adorable dress-up costume


Emma Wiggle Costume

What does every Emma fan long for? Yep. An Emma costume! This pretty ensemble is an all-in-one number. It comes with a belt and a tulle underskirt and rocks a perfect twirl too! This Emma Wiggle Costume is $28 and you can snap one up at BigW or Kmart – or other major retailers. The ABC Shop has some excellent Emma costumes too!

3. This must-watch DVD

Emma Wiggle DVD

If you need to have a quick lie down after your Emma Wiggle fan has run you ragged, you can pop on this delightful DVD and flop on the couch while they pirouette and shimmy about the room. Emma the DVD is $9. Try Big W or Kmart – or your favourite DVD selling-type place.

4. This cute and sparkly Emma t-shirt

Emma Wiggle t-shirt

This crew-neck tee comes in sizes 1 to 4 and is the perfect #bowtiful addition to your little Emma fan’s wardrobe. It’s 100 percent cotton. It’s $9 and it’s from K-Mart. Snap yours up while the warm weather is still with us.

5. This adorable twirling Emma Music Box

Emma Wiggle Music Box

A special Emma-themed place to stow little trinkets; wind a key at the back and this tiny Emma ballerina will begin to spin! The Emma Wiggle Music Box is $24 and we found it at Big W.

6. This cute-as-a-button Emma bucket hat

Emma Wiggle Bucket Hat

Not only is this cotton twill and satin trimmed hat stinkin’ adorable, it’ll keep little faces expertly shaded from the sun. Snap up your Emma bucket hat at The ABC Shop for $19.95. (The dress above is also at The ABC Shop!)

7. These cosy-toed Emma Wiggle boots

Emma Wiggle boots

Winter is coming so of course your little Wiggle fan needs cosy boots with yellow bows! These are 100 percent wool and retail at $69.95 at The ABC Shop. They’re suitable for kids aged 2 to 6.

Really, the only thing to do is hit “add to cart”. Possibly seven times. Sorry, not sorry.


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