Dear Mum/my kid’s granny, this is what I don’t say enough

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Thanks mum for babysitting again today.

Sorry I was in a rush and couldn’t stay and chat. Gosh, I’m always in a rush. You know that!

But there are things I should tell you. Things you deserve to hear. Things I might one day regret not saying – enough.

Since a little someone interrupts me whenever I open my mouth, though, I am writing you this letter tonight instead.

I hope you read it after one of these, “gotta go” times, and know just how grateful I am for you.

I love you

Mum, I tell my kids this multiple times a day, but how often do I say these three words to you? The woman who gave her all to me, like I am now as a mother to my own family, the woman who raised me and still loves me with all her heart?

I don’t know why I don’t just tell you as often as I should.

Maybe it’s because we are both adults now and it just feels cheesy or unnecessary – like we know it, so don’t have to say it – but I think it’s always nice to hear.

Because I do. So much.

You are and have always been my beautiful mum. There is no one like you. And there is also no one I bicker with and yet value more in my life – you know how we are!

Mum, I love you.

Grandma, daughter and grandchild in bedroom

I’m sorry

As well as saying ‘I love you,’ I need to tell you I’m also sorry.

If you ever feel taken for granted or that I don’t have enough time for you, well I’m ashamed to admit there is some truth there.

You are my mum and it’s wrong but I see it now with my own kids. Mums are forever giving and loving. And we sometimes feel unappreciated and undervalued.

So, yes, there are too many times when I have said thank you to you. When you have given to me more than I have given to you. When you’ve helped me out, time and time again. But it won’t always be this way.

And I also know you get it.

You understand my crazy, chaotic and at times pressure cooker life with young kids.

So you brush it aside and smile. But mum, I want you to know I do appreciate all you have done and are doing for me. I do value you. More than you know.

To be honest, I don’t know how I would mum and do life without you having my back and saving my butt when I need a favour.

You are the best!

Even if we don’t see eye to eye – on so many things. But hey, we are different people. And different mothers. It would be weird if we didn’t, right?

Thank you

So mum, thank you for being you. For loving me as only a mother can, and for giving yourself to me and your grandbabies.

We are all so lucky to have you.

Thank you from my little loves, especially, for the warmth and smiles you bring to their childhoods. You love them and know them and they feel so safe in your arms.

You are a wonderful, fun and special granny. They love you with all of their small beating hearts.

And these are just a few of the things I don’t tell you enough.

I love you, I’m sorry and thank you.

Love me x



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