The day my mum reminded me grandmas are just the best

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Yesterday my mum excelled at grandma-ing, and I feel all gooey now sharing what she did with my boys. Grandmas rock!

“Mum, can you help me today?”

Yesterday was the kind of day all working mums dread. My two little loves had been unwell with a virus for three days and although they were on the mend, they needed another day at home to get over it – which meant no going to childcare.

But, this was also a work day for me (I work part-time). So I asked my mum to help me out. And like any fantastic grandma (and mum!) she was only too happy to.

“I will look after them so you can work, darling. Don’t worry. We’ll have a nice day together!” she told me.

So I closed the door on the room where I was working from home and felt SO grateful that I was able to call upon her. I know not all parents have this kind of family support.

But, it’s what she did with my boys that really warmed my heart.

Let’s go mulberry picking!

It was drizzling with rain on and off outside and she needed to get them out of the house, otherwise, we both knew my closed door would be banged on 100 times too many. But taking coughing and spluttering kids to an indoor play centre was out of the question, as were the shops. That left the park but being wet, it also wasn’t an option.

So what did mum do? Of course, she took them for a walk to pick mulberries in their raincoats and gumboots – because isn’t that what ALL of us would think of?!

Waiting for a clear gap in the rain and carrying their sand buckets, they trotted off down the street to our neighbour Bernie’s house, who happens to have a sprawling mulberry tree.

Mulberry tree

About an hour later they came back, their buckets filled with berries and red stains on their hands and beaming faces. 

Now, if this isn’t adorable enough, my mum then proceeded to go all Enid Blyton storybook on her grandsons and MAKE MULBERRY pie with them – from scratch, of course.

As I worked away on my computer, I could hear happy noises from the kitchen as my little guys took turns rolling the pastry with the rolling pin. At one point I slipped into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and saw them wearing the kind of frilly aprons that only women from a generation past still own. 

Mulberry pie

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A quiet afternoon

While I usually find the afternoon at home, after a morning out with them, a challenge – stopping them from being naughty and myself from flicking on the telly in desperation, my mum pulled out another one of her granny tricks.

She threw some old blankets over the dining room table, gave them torches and a bowl of cut up fruit and biscuits and left them to have a cubby house picnic.

When I finished work later that day, I came out to find my little loves snuggled up to their granny under a crochet blanket that my dad’s grandma had made, reading none other than The Faraway Tree

Oh, and that night we ate mulberry pie for dessert. Because this is how the storybook ends. 

Hats off to awesome grandmas everywhere. We love you! Also, thanks for sprinkling your magic on our little one’s childhoods. You are a special kind of wonderful.


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