A VERY pregnant Pippa Middleton admits she’s feeling pretty crappy

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Duchess Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton is expecting a baby any minute now, and she’s admitted that these late weeks of pregnancy are not really her cup of tea.

Pippa Middleton

Reality bites

Writing her regular column at fitness correspondent for supermarket giant Waitrose, Pippa shared some workout tips – and revealed she’s dealing with some pretty pesky late pregnancy aches and pains.

“As the final month nears and the bump grows prouder each day, movement is certainly getting more awkward,” Pippa wrote, royally refusing to call her belly “e-freaking-normous”. 

As a result, one of the biggest changes is that my lower body has tightened up. The knock-on effect is making my back and sacrum both uncomfortable and achey.”


“Reality is finally kicking in”

Pippa – who is married to the dapper Mr James Matthews – revealed she’s not really sleeping, nor feeling the peachy pregnancy glow. In fact, she’s wondering if these woes are a sign of things to come. (Answer: yes!)

“The transformations to my body that are taking place as it prepares for childbirth have meant that the sound sleeps and the baby bubble effect have gone,” she writes. “Reality is finally kicking in. Perhaps this is the body’s way of making sure that you get in tune with what lies ahead.”

She then took readers through a gentle pregnancy workout, revealing she’s staying “supple” with a three-pronged fitness approach of “stretching, meditating and walking”.

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Meditation is better than sleep?

“Without those three things I would certainly not feel as good as I do right now, and I hope they will continue to keep me sane and levelled for the months and years ahead,” Pippa wrote hopefully.

She went on to detail her first foray into meditation, and said her instructor told her that meditating promotes pure rest – “better than the kind that sleep could give you”.

Okayyyyy. Skeptical? Pippa was too, so snaps!

“I was skeptical at first, but after practising this discipline for the past month I have noticed a huge difference in my mental wellbeing and sense of clarity.” (To be clear, we definitely do agree with her on this bit!)


Weave away, mamas!

Pippa continued on with some images of the stretches she’s found helpful in the final weeks of pregnancy and suggested other pregnant mums keep moving too. 

“There’s nothing better than a stimulating walk. Weaving this into your exercise routine will hopefully keep you feeling your best as your due date nears.”

Weave away, proud-bellied mamas! Ommmmmmmm.


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