Jaime King’s 4-year-old son just wore a princess dress on the red carpet

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Actor and mum-of-two Jaime King is openly celebrating her son’s individuality with a cute and loving Instagram post – and lots of people had opinions. Quel surprise!

If you like it, wear it!

“I love my baby SO MUCH!!!” Jaime wrote on Instagram. “He chose my lipstick and dress with Annabelle Harron. To my beautiful husband, I love thee. The greatest creation has been our love made manifest in our children.”

In the image she shared, young James is accompanying her to the Incredibles 2 premiere. He’s pictured on the red carpet with his mama, wearing a fancy pink princess dress paired with practical R2D2 shoes. It’s a combo we wouldn’t have thought of, but honestly … it’s working for him! Another photo showed James with actual Star Wars star Samuel L Jackson and film director Kyle Newman. The gents looked very keen to capture this fun moment with Jaime’s son.

“Last time James Knight was with these guys together he was two weeks old on his first set!” Jaime revealed, referring to her role in the 2015 action flick they worked on together (Barely Lethal).

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People. Had. Opinions.

The fact that James was wearing a dress seemed no big deal for Hollywood types, but did not go unnoticed on Instagram.

“You. Go. Way to support your kiddo. I love this so hard!” one follower commented on Jaime’s photo.

“This kind of representation in Hollywood!!! This is what we need. Thank you so much for allowing your son to want what he wants,” another posted.

“I absolutely love this, you are so supportive and open hearted. Truly beautiful,” someone else commented.

“I’m not understanding”

While many, many people were SUPER supportive and approving of the four-year-old’s right to wear anything he gosh-darned likes, lots of other people were concerned he’d be teased, embarrassed or somehow irreparably altered by wearing a princess dress in public.

“It’s a boy or a girl I’m not understanding please help …” pretty much summed up their confusion.

While it’s true that boys don’t really wear dresses very much in this modern world, they used to wear dresses as a rule. What’s to stop us from shaking off ideas about some garments being “girls only” and encouraging all children to just be themselves?!

Acceptance matters most

Jaime – who is best known for her stellar role as Lemon Breeland in the funny drama Hart of Dixie – is mum to James and two-year-old Leo.

She’s married to film director Kyle Newman, with the pair navigating some tough times after little Leo was born with a heart condition.

Their youngest wee guy has endured surgeries and other treatment, and is fighting fit now, but there is no doubt that facing tricky challenges like this really resets your notions of what matters.

Loving her kiddos to pieces and supporting boys who feel more comfy wearing whatever they want, obviously does.



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