This bedside bassinet system could help everyone get a good night’s sleep

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If you’re keen to have your baby in your room with you, but don’t want to have them in your bed – or have to get up to grab them in the chilly dead of night – then this brilliant bedside bassinet system could be the answer to your prayers.

A smart sleeping solution

The Snuz Pod3 Bedside Crib System was designed to make feeding and comforting your baby in the middle of the night so much easier. 

It’s made from premium sustainably sourced beech and can adjust to a bunch of different heights to ensure it’s perfect for your bed. It suits babies aged newborn through to around six months.

Two breathable mesh sides ensure optimal airflow and allow parents to see their baby easily.

The side of the bassinet also zips down for easy access if need be, making it the next best thing to having your baby in the bed with you.

This clever and very helpful bassinet also transforms into a rocker, ready to soothe your little one to sleep.

Ingeniously, you can elevate one end a little higher than the other, by snapping on an extra included fitting, which is designed to help babies who are struggling with reflux to sleep more comfortably.

The bassinet lifts up and out of the base easily, in case you need to move your baby to another room after they’ve dozed off.

And the whole ensemble can be used separate from your bed, as an independent crib, too.

Snuz Pod3 Bedside CribSnuz Pod3 Bedside Crib

Snuggle down with Snuz

This baby bed comes in white, dusk grey and natural. 

You can also buy waterproof mattress protectors for this bassinet system, to ensure yours stays clean and comfy and there’s Snuz custom bed linen for this bed too.

You can find out more about the very good-looking and practical Snuz Pod3 Bedside Crib here.

Why not snuggle down with Snuz?!

Snuz Pod3 Bedside Crib Snuz Pod3 Bedside Crib


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