Owlet Baby Monitor – watching your baby all night so you can sleep easy

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A baby monitor brings peace of mind to sleep deprived parents around the world, but most rely on the baby making a sound, staying in the one position or on you keeping a watchful eye on them through the video screen. The Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor offers a smart and innovative solution that takes peace of mind to a whole new level – and now it’s available in Australia!  

The team at Owlet spent two years developing the Owlet Smart Sock. It took 100,000 hours of product testing, more than $1.5 million in grants from the US National Institute for Health and they are now partnering with a handful of hospitals and universities to further infant research. We first introduced you to this handy little gadget back in 2013 when it was just hitting the market and boy, has it come a long way!

mum and baby wearing owlet smart sock

A wearable baby vitals monitor that alerts you via wi-fi

You would never guess that inside an easy-to-wear and totally adorable sock is the proven hospital technology of pulse oximetry measuring the heart rate and oxygen levels of baby while they sleep. Snug-fitting, gentle and wireless, this sock can’t be easily removed and its low profile means that it can even be worn underneath regular baby socks or onesies.

The Owlet Smart Sock is designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing by sending a message to your iPhone via wi-fi. Via an iOS app, you can keep track of baby’s levels in real time and receive alerts in the case of an emergency. In case your phone battery goes flat, there is an independent base station that acts as the primary alert. It will flash red and make a buzzing sound if an issue does arise.

Each kit comes with three differently sized Owlet Smart Socks to grow with your baby and will fit most feet up to 18 months. It is available directly through the Owlet online store for US$299.99 and will be available in Australia for the first time from 4 November 2017.

owlet baby smart sock with app


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