A baby carrier designed for active dads – that also transforms into a backpack!

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At Babyology we love a good baby carrier. Wearing babies just feels so natural to us, given that our babies only ever want to be carried! But for some time now the swaddles, wraps and other ‘joey-in-the pouch-style’ carriers on the market have been designed for mums in mind. Well, now there’s a new baby carrier on the block and it’s been specially created for active dads!

Say hello to the JACS Junior Adaptive carrier

JACS Junior is the latest baby carrier to hit the market but it has one big difference. It’s been designed just for dads, and it honestly couldn’t look more blokey if it tried.

It’s a man’s baby carrier

Made out of military grade, super-tough materials, the JACS doesn’t even look like a normal baby carrier. It looks more like a hiking backpack that just happens to be able to transport a three-month-old to three-year-old child.

There are two ergonomic designs, one in hard-core black and the other in an even more manly-looking army fabric. 

JACS black

JACS camo

No more plastic bags

The thing we think dads will love the most about this carrier (apart from the blokey look), is the addition of ample storage. Gone are the days of dad shoving nappies, wipes and other essentials into a plastic bag while taking bub out for a baby carrier stroll. The JACS features lots of handy pockets and pouches for all baby and dads needs. Heck, there’s even a spot for his wallet and keys. 

Wear your bub three different ways

As for baby, the JACS is multi-positional, meaning bub can be worn facing inwards, outwards or can ride seated in the backpack taking in the world.

Life after carrying baby

It sure is frustrating to spend all that money on baby products you can’t use after your bub grows out of them, but that’s not the case with JACS. The clever creators have got you covered and have designed the carrier to transform into a handy backpack once your bub is too big to be carried. Thanks to the durable fabric you can bet it will last for years after you stop using it as a carrier. 

Born out of frustration

As is often the case with inventions, the JACS carrier was born out of one dad’s frustration. Founder Scott Haslam was on his first plane journey with his then six-month-old son Jack, when he found himself trying to wrangle his baby in a carrier, a shoulder bag and a backpack. Seeing a gap in the market for a baby carrier better suited for dads, he set about designing one and JACS was born.


The JACS Junior baby carrier can be purchased from UK company JACS with the starter pack priced at $246 (British pound conversion).


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