How good is this nappy really? The honest reviews are in

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The search for the perfect nappy is something that unites parents everywhere. And who better to give us the lowdown than parents just like you?

We asked a bunch of Babyology parents to test out Huggies Ultimate nappies, and to rate them (highest possible rating of 5) when it comes to the kind of things that matter to mums and dads, including absorbency, comfort, leakage and price. They each received a free box of nappies so that they could review them. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Huggies Ultimate nappies – how do they stack up?

Amanda Watts

Rating – 5

“Great fit! Can be worn for long periods and not leak. Nice pattern. Good for sensitive skin.”

Emma Bianchi

Rating – 4

“We had a night of thirteen hours sleep and no leakage. Nappy was very very full however completely dry clothes and bedding and no smell. These are fantastic compared to other nappies where you have to get up through night and change.”

Ashlea Worthy

Rating – 5

“They are super absorbent. Haven’t had a leak through yet. I haven’t used any other nappies besides Huggies.”

Belinda Cikla

Rating – 5

“Most definitely I’m switching … I’d prefer to cut costs elsewhere to have a [nappy] that my baby is comfortable in and doesn’t leak through.”

Belynda Honner

Rating – 3

“Excellent absorbency but gave my child extremely bad nappy rash.”

Emma Sinfield

Rating – 5

“I feel Bub was kept fresh, dry and clean with these nappies. Perfect for Queensland heat too.”

Hayley Mitchell

Rating – 5

“I would recommend Huggies nappies to friends due to their absorbency.”

Danielle Trimarchi

Rating – 4

“I can certainly feel the softness compared to the normal Huggies nappies … [but] overnight leakage at 6+ hours wear which has meant that I’ve had to change him every night if he wakes or morning when he’s up for the day.”

Jennifer McNally

Rating – 5

“No leaks. Perfect for overnight. I found they absorb the smell of wee better than other nappies too.”

Karyndi-Jae Kuelahway

Rating – 5

“They are brilliant at keeping my baby’s skin dry, even when they are very full … These are Huggies best ever yet nappies and there is no comparison.”

Liza Dukino

Rating – 5

“[P]rice is always a factor so would look for specials as I currently do already when shopping … If Huggies Ultimate was a comparable price then I would buy those.”

Melissa Milne

Rating – 5

“I’ve been using a different brand the last couple of months but I would definitely consider switching back to Huggies bc the fit is far superior.”

Kristen Peel

Rating – 4

“The absorbency is really good. She is dry to touch even after waking over night. I use Huggies anyway, but I like the Ultimate Nappies better than the original ones. They are softer and feel more comfortable.”

Melissa Buchanan

Rating – 5

“Absorbency is amazing, went overnight with no leaks even though it was very full, compared to other nappies that leak with barely anything in them.”

Charlotte Pereira

Rating – 3

“These nappies probably would last 12 hours for a bottle fed baby but not one than is drinking throughout the night. They also have a bit of a hard feeling, whereas other nappies I’ve tried have felt much softer … not worth the extra money when what I really need is something more absorbent.”

Naomi Harrington

Rating – 5

“Considering how absorbent they are, they aren’t bulky and baby can move freely.”

Jayde Butler

Rating – 2

“The nappies were definitely softer and my baby didn’t have any red marks or nappy rash … [there were] frequent leaks at night, the nappy can only stay on for a period of around 4 hours then leaks happen.”

Katie Goudie

Rating – 4

“Overall, really happy with the nappy. Best one that we have used and we have tried a number of brands.”

Rachel Brazier

Rating – 5

“I could not fault them.” 


Overall, 90% of reviewers said that they would recommend Huggies Ultimate nappies to a friend, while 97% of reviewers scored the nappies 3 out of 5 stars or higher.

Interested in trying out Huggies Ultimate on your baby? See the link below for a free sample. We’d love to hear what you think of them too. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for opportunities to be one of our Babyology reviewers.

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