Babyology Influencers put the Cybex Priam stroller through its paces

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Don’t you wish that before you make that all-important stroller purchase, you could give it a test run? Here’s the next best thing! We’ve had a couple of our fabulous Influencers put the Cybex Priam stroller through its paces. One has an 11-month-old, the other is a mum of six – and they’ve given us their honest opinions on this newborn to toddler stroller.

The Cybex Priam is one of those strollers that makes your heart skip a little beat when you lay eyes on it. It’s a thing of beauty. But can this super stylish stroller hold its own in the function stakes?


Jody, from Six Little Hearts, is a kid-wrangler extraordinaire, with half a dozen beautiful little children, aged from two through to 14. This certainly wasn’t her first foray with a stroller, so we were ultra keen to find out just what she thought of the Cybex Priam.


Jody didn’t hold back when describing what she thought of the Priam:

“Absolutely fantastic! We are thrilled with every aspect of this pram. All the parts are designed to simply click in place and the set­up was so simple that our toddler even chipped in to help out! The fabric of the actual pram itself is luxurious and heavy duty as well as unusual in a sea of ordinary prams.”

As Jody mentioned, set-up was a breeze, and of all the many strollers her family has had over the years, this was one of the easiest to assemble. Jody had similar things to say about using the pram, saying, “This is a pram that simply rolls itself!”

With her two-year-old aboard, she tested the Priam on a variety of surfaces, and found it was lightweight and simple to steer – negotiating tight spaces with ease. And she loved the handy storage basket.

“A feature we’ve found really handy is the magnetised closure of the pram basket beneath the pram. This allows you quick access to your belongings (plus a bit of extra light) and snaps itself shut securely when you’ve finished with it.”


The Priam is designed to sit at a height that aligns with most dining tables (80cm), meaning it can be a portable high chair – a feature not lost on Jody.

“Straight up, we were impressed with the height of our child in this pram. Usually we’ve had to bend over to assist our toddler but the Priam sees your child sit quite a bit higher in their seat. The design is intended to help your child sit at table height comfortably while still being within the confines of their pram. This is a fab feature if you’re dining out and don’t want the inconvenience of checking on a wriggling child. We’re looking forward to using this when out and about at events and shopping, where our girl is less than impressed with being low ­down and feeling forgotten!”

Once Jody had taken the Priam for a spin, she wanted to see how easy it would be to fold and fit in the family car.

“Folding and unfolding the Priam is a one-­handed affair and very easy. It stores upright in the boot of our family car and takes up little space compared to our other pram. It’s a pleasure to use this pram in every way. We especially appreciate the quick, one-handed operating feature though, that sees you on your way from folded, to rolling in a few quick seconds!”

Jody’s love for the Priam extended to its aesthetic: “I love how this pram looks! It is both lush and functional. This pram has an attractive overall sleekness of design. White-walled tyres and great muted colours. Nothing not to like there!”

So what did Jody think of the $1699.99 price tag?

“The Priam is on the expensive side but then, all prams continue to rise in price. That said, you get what you pay for and if I were looking to buy a pram that would give me years of service and a whole lot of pride too, I would be willing to part with the cash for this one. What you spend is a personal choice when it comes to baby equipment and this is a pram that offers an excellent set of features.”

Jody gave the Cybex Priam an overall rating of five out of five – that’s a big thumbs up from a busy mum of six!


We also had Stacey, from A Healthy Mum, and her 11-month-old road test the Cybex Priam. From the get-go, she was impressed with the quality, declaring, “I’d say the best pram chair I have seen.”

“The chair is padded beautifully and feels very, ­very premium. I also love the storage bag, it’s very durable and has a magnet closure which is great because I don’t always have time to close it properly.”


Stacey was enamoured of the Priam’s one-handed functions: “So easy, I LOVED that the majority of the pram’s functions could be adjusted with just one hand.”


The table-height feature was highly appreciated by Stacey too, who gave its multi-functionality a rating of five out of five.

“I loved that I could wheel the pram up to the table and didn’t have the need to switch to a high chair and then when it was time for a sleep I could lay the seat flat for a bottle of milk and a little sleep. My two-year-old used the safety handle to hang onto, it kept him nice and safe.”


Stacey’s advice for parents weighing up the price of this stroller and its features is to go for quality: “Buy a good pram and buy it once.”

Overall, she gave the Cybex Priam a four out of five:

“I really liked the pram, it was light, very easy to push and held a few shopping bags. I loved doing long walks with it, the wheels were really big and moved so easily. It’s a great pram.”

The Cybex Priam retails for $1699.99, with the Cybex Carry Cot available separately at $269.99.

(Our Babyology influencers were not paid for their comments. They were gifted the review items as part of a sponsored post for CNP Brands.)


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