Here are 12 totally ‘extra’ baby products no one needs

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Seems like everyone is out to make a quick buck these days from the lucrative parenting market by creating bonkers baby products that are not only ridiculous but completely unnecessary.

However, if you love a nifty gadget then get the wallet ready because here’s a whole bunch of nutty stuff to get excited about!

1. iPotty

As if we didn’t have enough screens in our lives. Make sure your toddler never leaves the bathroom with this handy tablet holder and potty all in one! (Image: digital trends)

2. Babykeeper

baby product

Ever been out with your baby and needed to use the toilet but not sure where to put them? Problem solved with this over the door baby hanger where they just dangle while you do your business – perfect for bathrooms, change rooms or wherever the trusty floor just won’t do. (Image: Mommysentials)

3. Baby perfume

baby perfume product

There’s nothing like the smell of a newborn baby, or is there? Clearly, French babies need to step it up a notch with perfumes made just for bubs like this one from Bonpoint which apparently evokes smells of fresh-cut grass. Because we all know the lawn is where it’s at. It’s also deemed safe for baby skin so you can ‘spray without fear’ (Image: Vogue)

4. Zaky hand pillow

This idea was actually born out of a heartwarming story. A mother whose premature baby survived only because of constant touch from herself and the hospital staff after a tropical storm in Texas left them without power. However … they look kinda creepy and they’re not safe to leave in babies’ cots. (Image: The Zaky)

5. Baby bangs

Sick of people thinking your little girl is a boy because they’re a bit of a baldie? Well, fake baby wigs might be right for you! Works like magic. (Image: CBS New York)

6. The Daddle

All kids love a good horsie ride on daddy’s back, right? Well, Daddy’s back just got an upgrade – quite literally. Pop your little one in the saddle with this invention called the Pony Up Daddy Saddle. By the time you’ve managed to put it on, they’ve probably run off to watch the iPad in the bathroom. (Image: Amazon)

7. Potty mitts

Kids can’t stop putting their hands all over the toilet when they’re toilet training, so if you’re a germaphobe, then this is the product for you! Disposable mittens so they can touch everything to their heart’s content. Good luck trying to get these on when they have a sudden urge to poo at the shopping centre. (Image: Gotta Go Mitts)

8. Crawler knee pads

Oh, what would we do without these modern inventions? A floor is apparently a dangerous place for a pantless crawling baby so protect those chubby knees with these special knee pads. Baby stuntman here we come! (Image: Amazon.)

9.The snozzie

There’s nothing worse than being caught somewhere with your snotty child and no tissues in sight. Enter the snozzie! A handy strap-on hankie you wear on your wrist so you can wear their snot ALL DAY LONG. (Image: The Kids Made Me Fat)

10. Morning chicness bags

Morning sickness just got a whole lot cooler. Why vomit into the toilet or a plain old paper bag when you can have a fancy-pants one to match your outfit? Spew in style. (Image:

11. Baby shower visor

Protect those precious little peepers with this nifty plastic visor you can use in the shower or bath, wherever you might be washing their hair or pouring water over their head. Might also make a good pretend lion’s mane. (Image credit: Blendspace)

12. Toddler urinal

Potties and toilet steps are so old school. This is where it’s at – a tiny urinal for your little boy so they can point and aim, and get wee all over the floor. The bathroom can never be cluttered enough after all! (Image: Amazon)


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