9 brilliant stroller hacks you need to know

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Your baby’s pram is a work horse. You will spend hours pushing it here there and everywhere. Which is exactly why you want to pimp it out to be the best baby buggy there is.

Here are nine nifty stroller hacks that will solve every problem you might have with your pram, as well as some you may not know you have. 

1. Use bulldog clips to stop wraps from blowing off 

Although your stroller may have a generous hood there are times when you want to throw a muslin wrap over it to keep the flies and sun out. Simply secure a wrap to the hood by using a few bulldog clips, or even a humble clothes peg.

Colourful bulldog clips

2. Hold extra shopping by attaching a carabiner

If your stroller’s shopping basket is full, clip a carabiner on the handle to carry those extra bags. 

Carabiner for prams

3. Make extra bottle and cup holders

Keep bottles from rolling all over your under-stroller shopping basket by either stitching your own handmade version (get the how-to instructions for this one from Sew Can Do) and attaching it to the pram handlebars, or making a cheap and cheerful one from a shoe organiser that slips onto the back of your under basket. 

DIY stroller cup holder

4. Wrap weights around stroller legs to prevent tipping

If your stroller gets too back heavy due to bags hanging off the handlebars for instance, secure some velcro ankle weights to the front legs to stop it from toppling backwards.

Ankle weights

5. Keep your stroller safe with a bike lock

If you’re leaving your expensive pram somewhere, or just parking it alongside others that look exactly the same and you know it could get taken by accident, secure it by using a bike lock.

Bike lock

6. Use tape to fix stroller handles and to identify your pram

Wrap some tape around your stroller handles if the grip starts coming off. Coloured tape is also great for identifying your pram when you go somewhere like the zoo and have it parked alongside a bunch of other like-strollers.

Electrical tape

7. Make a double umbrella stroller

If you’re using umbrella strollers for two kids, turn it into a double stroller that one person can push on their own by using stroller connectors. Stroller connectors will only work on two identical strollers but will mean neither stroller will hit the other and that they will move together in one motion. 

Double umbrella stroller


8. Make a sippy cup leash

Never lose another sippy cup from being ‘thrown overboard’ by a little someone riding in the stroller again by making this nifty leash for it.

Sippy cup leash

9. Use an IKEA bag for ample stroller storage

Not enough under-basket storage in your pram? A big Ikea bag strung over the handlebars will solve your problem. Just be sure you aren’t making your pram too back-heavy and risk it toppling over. Refer to tip number four above to weigh it down with ankle weights if need be. 

Ikea bag


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