What your child’s zodiac sign says about their personality

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Wondering what kind of personality your baby might have? Will they be shy, stubborn, or perhaps creative and flamboyant? Their astrological sign can give you some fun insights into what to expect as your kiddo grows.

Do you recognise your little one’s character traits in their zodiac sign? Let’s take a look …

ARIES (21 March – 19 April)

The Ram

Baby zodiac - Aries

Aries children are creative, passionate, impulsive and ambitious – and they may be quite impatient too. Your feisty Aries bub is a born performer, bores easily and is always looking for new adventures, so keeping them stimulated with plenty of different activities and surroundings is key (or they may just run right out the door – Aries are the ‘runners’ of the zodiac!). As Aries’ are also born leaders, your baby will be independent from a young age, preferring to dress and feed themselves. This can lead to pickiness around their food, too.

Aries kids can be very vocal when they don’t get their way (hello tantrums!), and they always tell it like it is – they’re brutally honest. Though they may be a tad bossy at times, they will also have plenty of friends due to their fun and magnetic nature. They crave your love and attention though, and will thrive on positive reinforcement and lots of cuddles. Aries is a masculine sign, so they may gravitate towards their male relatives and friends more easily.

TAURUS (20 April – 20 May)

The Bull

Baby zodiac - Taurus

Taurus kiddos are affectionate, practical, loyal and more than a little stubborn. As one of the calmest signs of the zodiac, your bub will love things to be quiet rather than rowdy, and need plenty of rest (to avoid them becoming too ‘bull-headed’!) Taurus children pick their own pace – either totally relaxed (when there’s just no hurrying them) or high-speed (then there’s no stopping them!). Your Taurus bub may need some extra coaxing to try new things – they really love their comfort zone and will probably have a special comfort toy or blanket, or a special person they adore.

Cuddles are important to your Taurean bub – it’s the best way to help them feel calm and secure. Your little Taurean will be driven by their five senses, enjoying tactile, sensory activities that allow them to touch, smell and taste things – think sensory play trays, gardening or cooking. They are also loyal friends who will try to keep the peace, but look out if anyone picks on their buddies – beware the charging bull!

GEMINI (21 May – 20 June)

The Twins

Baby zodiac - Gemini

Gemini children are sociable, charming and the most curious and inquisitive of all the signs, always on the hunt for a new adventure – Gemini babes will need extra care when it comes to babyproofing the house! You’ll need to give them lots of stimulation and activities that satisfy their energy level and artistic nature, as they find it hard to stick to one thing for long – they particularly love books and music which spark their imaginations and quick-thinking mind. Outdoor activities like bushwalks and nature treasure hunts will be firm favourites, but watch they don’t wander off when something catches their attention! Baby reins were invented for little Geminis.

Your chatterbox Gemini babe will always have a story to tell you – the gift of the gab is strong! Watch out for the famous Gemini moods though – as the sign of the twins, your little Gem’s attitude and interests can change faster than you can blink. You may find they change friends frequently, and move between groups of boys and girls depending on their interest of the day. 

CANCER (21 June – 22 July)

The Crab

Baby zodiac - Cancer

Cancer babies are super-sensitive as they are ruled by the Moon – going through many phases in their moods. Like the crab, they can be clingy (or even pinch!) when feeling insecure or upset and will love to be swaddled or cuddled for comfort. Your Cancer kiddo is super-loyal and will be a caring big brother or sister, as well as a devoted partner and parent one day – they may even ‘mother’ you sometimes. The mother-child bond is usually quite strong with baby crabs. They also make great pet owners and love to help around the house.

Their nurturing and intuitive nature means that they sense a lot from the body language and moods of their friends – some even say their Cancer friends are quite psychic! This can leave them feeling overstimulated or even introverted, so regular ‘downtime’ and helping them express their inner feelings is important for your little crab. Cancer bubs love to feel secure and protected, enjoying comforting things like a favourite book or movie on repeat, and special ‘one-on-one’ time with their parents and friends.

LEO (23 July – 22 August)

The Lion

Baby zodiac - Lion

Leo children are the most dramatic of all the signs, but they’re also the most generous. Cheerful, fearless and confident, they have huge lion-sized hearts and are born leaders. Leo children have lots of energy to burn so keep them busy all day if you want them to sleep at night! Your little Leo may like to be the boss and centre of attention at all times, but they’ll also go out of their way to help their friends and loved ones (and you’ll certainly hear them roar if someone harms their friend!). Your little Leo loves the limelight and may need some help to let others share it.

Leos respond well to rewards and praise, and also like to feel like they’re in charge – so a rewards chart can help them feel independent while also (hopefully!) getting things done. That stubborn streak (hello tantrums!) is offset by their powerful and loving hugs – which they cannot get enough of and will dispense freely.

VIRGO (22 August – 22 September)

The Virgin or Maiden

Baby zodiac - Virgo

Virgo kids are careful, analytical and lovers of routine, which is wonderful when they’re tiny, but they may need some encouragement to try new things as they get older. You may find your Virgo bub is quick to toilet train and quite tidy in general – they don’t like to be dirty for long, and mess can make them anxious. Virgo babes love to use their imaginations, so role-play and make-believe games (such as dress-ups or drama classes) are firm favourites, and books or puzzles are a great escape when they need to unwind.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, many Virgos read or speak early. Virgos can be finicky eaters, so you may have a few foodie battles on your hands – as creatures of habit, finding a few meals they do enjoy will be key. While your Virgo kiddo may be a quiet achiever, they also have a mischievous streak a mile wide! Watch out for the classic Virgo sarcasm!

LIBRA (23 September – 22 October)

The Scales

Baby zodiac - Libra

Libra littlies are compassionate, fair-minded, artistic and very loyal. Their sense of justice is strong (being ruled by the Scales) and they will always stand up for their loved ones, as well as having a keen sense of right and wrong – so bullies beware! In fact, nothing makes them happier than to be surrounded by their friends and family. However, they can be “too friendly” – the stranger-danger talk is important for baby Librans, as is teaching them about personal space (theirs and others’).

Librans love attention and need to be reminded that they are loved as much as possible. They may even annoy siblings and parents with their constant demands for attention, but always remember it comes from a place of love and security (yes, they annoy you because they love you!). Librans are very creative and have a keen sense of balance and harmony, making them brilliant musicians, artists and teachers.

SCORPIO (23 October – 21 November)

The Scorpion

Baby zodiac - Scorpio

Your passionate and curious little Scorpio is quite the firecracker, born with lots of attitude and innate talent to match. They’ll LOVE to be front and centre on stage … once you help them over their fear of failure. Scorpios are an amazing blend of introvert and extrovert, enjoying their alone time as much as the company of friends. They can seem quite secretive and overly-sensitive, and so may need help to talk through their feelings, so they don’t become internalised. Your Scorpio babe will just love to please, and can be quite brooding and intense, especially when debating their point. Be prepared for some upset when they feel misunderstood!

Your little Scorpio will probably have lots of ‘favourites’ – foods, friends, family members – so they may need help to branch out with new activities or friendships. Scorpios love to have an alter-ego – so imaginative play like dress-ups, drama classes and story-writing will appeal. Scorpios are highly intuitive and will pick up on moods very easily – so be careful when there’s conflict about. Remember how they internalise!

SAGITTARIUS (22 November – 21 December)

The Archer

Baby zodiac - Sagittarius

Baby Sagittarius is the zodiac’s traveller, so be prepared to do lots of walking, driving and adventuring to keep them happy. Sagittarius kiddos are free spirits, and can’t be contained for long (so make sure your locks, seatbelts and nappies are secure!). Your Sagittarius babe will also be generous, honest and sometimes opinionated – they dislike being interrupted or feeling like they haven’t had their say. Sagittarian kids love to be around people their own age, and may feel shy around the older generation.

Be careful not to smother them with attention or affection – this can make them uneasy because Sagittarians need their personal space! They also love to learn, so keep the educational input coming – they’ll likely prefer books about ‘facts’ rather than fantasy, and feel a great sense of accomplishment when they do well at school. Be careful when you lie (or make something up) to your Sagittarius kiddo – they detest dishonesty and have trouble once trust is broken. Your strong-minded Sagittarian would much prefer to research the correct answer – they want proof!

CAPRICORN (22 December – 19 January)

The Goat

Baby zodiac - Capricorn

Capricorn kids are patient, tenacious and committed – hard workers who won’t be distracted from reaching their goals. But watch out for the Capricorn perfectionism – they may need help to let it go when things don’t quite go to plan. They love to please and can show great responsibility at a young age – they hate to break the rules (this makes them wonderful babysitters!). Loyalty means a lot to your little goat and they always keep their word. Capricorns are ‘old souls’ who forms strong friendships quickly – they’ll often hang onto friendships for life, and may even marry their first love.

They love family time, and traditions like family games nights will be something they cherish in their childhood. Little goats can come across as quite serious or reserved, but there’s a wacky sense of humour hiding under there! They’ll show it to those they trust the most. As an ambitious sign, they’ll love role-play games where they are ‘the boss’, and will always be keen to get outdoors and play a sport or go on an adventure. Expect them to climb mountains – both literally and metaphorically – your little mountain goat is a go-getter!

AQUARIUS (20 January – 18 February)

The Water-Bearer

Baby zodiac - Aquarius

Aquarius is the most original and experimental of all the signs – they march to the beat of their own drum! Your eccentric and vibrantly social little Aquarian will love to chat about thought-provoking topics and tell jokes to make people laugh. They’ll pick up a new ‘best friend’ everywhere they go – you rarely need to worry about them being lonely. They will love to dress flamboyantly (and the attention it brings), so dress-ups, drama and imaginative play will be firm favourites for your Aquarian kiddo. They also have a daredevil streak, and trying to tame them or impose too many rules will have them rebelling instantly, so stock up on Bandaids (and maybe wine)!

Your fair-minded little Aquarian will be passionate about the rights of others, including animals and the earth – they make great activists and team leaders. Beware of talking down or using ‘baby talk’ – even the tiniest Aquarian believes they are your equal and will quickly lose respect if they feel belittled or overlooked.

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PISCES (19 February – 20 March)

The Fish

Baby zodiac - Pisces

Pisces kiddos are old souls – intuitive, creative and sensitive. They may seem to be off in dreamland, but they really notice everything going on around them – it’s hard to sneak anything past a Pisces! They are natural caretakers with compassion in abundance – they make great emergency and healthcare workers. Their wild imagination also leads many Pisces into the arts or engineering. They will love to make up games for their friends to play but can tend to become a little bossy at times especially with siblings.

Your little Pisces may be easily influenced by those around them, so they’ll need help to make good-hearted, supportive friends, and to feel confident enough to stand up for themselves. It’s easy to insult or hurt their feelings, so gentle discipline is the way to go with your little Pisces. And be careful of family tension – remember, they notice everything and can tend to internalise their feelings, becoming broody and distant. Be sure to help them talk openly about their feelings so they don’t keep it all bottled up.


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