“We don’t censor ourselves” – Chrissy and John’s open parenting philosophy

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TV presenter and author Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend are parents to two adorable children. Daughter Luna is about to turn four and the pair’s toddler son Miles will be two in May.

Boobs and babies

Chrissy’s just opened up about a bunch of interesting things in an interview with Glamour magazine. Nothing was off limits as she chatted about her boob job, why she’s scared of having further surgeries and how she and John met and fell in love.

It turns out that not a lot is off limits when it comes to the couple’s children, either. The pair are determined to raise kids who are informed and respectful, with Chrissy noting that John is the very best kind of dad for Luna especially.

“He is an amazing father for a girl who’s becoming a woman in this day and age, because we have a firm belief she is going to take ownership of her body,” Chrissy told Glamour.

“And we’re going to talk to [them] the best we can, whether that’s sex, drugs … We are going to talk to her in the same way we would have loved to hear it.”

“We don’t really censor ourselves in talking about bodies,” the mum-of-two continued.

“We don’t have that taboo that goes along with saying the word ‘penis’ or ‘vagina’, it’s silly. And you make sure your boy is the ultimate feminist, that he loves and respects women. You have to raise them to be feminists. That is our future.”

Growing and changing

Chrissy and John are very vocal on Twitter, and increasingly tweet the zeitgeist. But the Cravings author says that they weren’t always so socially or politically engaged.

“What John was like when I first met him was very different,” she admits.

“It wasn’t just me who grew and changed a lot. It’s like having a teacher. He’s never mad at my questions – he loves to answer them. If I don’t understand something like Brexit, he’s able to put it in the simplest of terms for me to understand.”

It’s clear this couple are making their relationship work pretty brilliantly.

“The life we have created together is wonderful,” Chrissy confirms.


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