There’s a new interrupting toddler and his busy dad responded … with kisses!

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If you’ve ever found yourself being harassed by your toddler at an incredibly inappropriate time, you’ll sympathise with this high profile and under siege dad …

Going Dutch

On Monday California’s 40th Governor was sworn in. The gent’s name is Gavin Newsom and he’s a Democrat and former mayor of San Francisco. When he took the stage to give his very first address to constituents, someone else was keen to share the spotlight.

Gavin’s two-year-old son Dutch was keen to illustrate his dad’s commitment to Californian parents, ambling around the stage and hiding behind his dad.

The assembled crowd can be heard giggling and shrieking with delight as Dutch, armed with dummy, a comfort blanket and the cutest mop of hair, made his presence known.

Efforts by Dutch’s mum, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, to coax the little boy off the stage proved fruitless, and honestly we’re relieved. Dutch gave everyone a much-needed dose of reality and some comic relief, as his dad confessed that the struggle is real sometimes. Well. A lot of the time.

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Thunder officially stolen

A bemused Gavin leaned on the lecture as Dutch circled him and chuckled, telling the crowd “We will support parents … They need support, believe me.”

Gavin’s not the first professional gent to have their thunder stolen by a small child. 

Back in 2017 Robert Kelly was doing a live cross for the BBC when his children famously toddled into shot and promptly became everyone’s favourite meme of the year.

In August of 2018 our own former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull shared the spotlight with his boisterous and very vocal grandson Jack during his final address as outgoing PM. (below)

Back in 2015 then 2-year-old Riley Curry decided to sit in on her NBA player dad Stephen Curry’s press conference and make her feelings known. (below)

And now young Dutch joins the ranks of cheery kiddos who remind us that no matter how serious the occasion, toddlers will find a way to lighten things up.

Long may they reign … and interrupt!


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