There are 8 crazy baby hairstyles out there, which one is your poppet rocking?

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Ah, baby hair!

I love it. Rubbing my cheek on soft newborn head fuzz has to be one of my favourite things.

But as babies grow, so does their hair and it gets as crazy as their personalities!

Here are the eight styles you might recognise. Which one is your bubba rocking right now?

1. The electric shock

The is where the hair just grows up and not down. It’s like you’ve been bouncing him in your lap on a trampoline and all the static electricity has gone to his head, except you haven’t. He’s just woken up like this.

Oh, this style is also known as ‘the ‘f**k yeah!’

Baby with static hair

2. The fountain

You are excited your little one’s hair is FINALLY long enough to tie in an itty bitty ponytail, on top of her head.

Yep, she’s rocking ‘the fountain’!

Asian baby with fountain style pony tail

3. The tennis ball

Oh, I love this one!

The tennis ball is where your baby has short fuzzy hair. It feels so soft when you stroke it, or indulge in a big ol’ baby head sniff. Mmm, that newborn smell!

African-American sleeping baby with fuzzy hair

4. The baby mohawk

If your baby sports longer spiky hair on the top of his head and shorter sides, then rock on. He has a baby mohawk and it’s cute to boot.

Baby with mohawk hair

5. The feather duster

This is mad hair! There is so much of it that your newborn baby comes out sporting a three-year-old’s head of hair.

It’s also super soft, like your feather duster.

Baby with awesome head of hair

6. The baldie

This little one still doesn’t have any hair at six months. At 12, she might have a few sprouts and as such, looks like a chubby newborn.

But, awww.

Bald baby on bed

7. The Friar Tuck

Oh dear, this is an unfortunate one, but all too common.

After lots of lying on his back in a safe but flat position, your little guy has a bald patch and longer hair that grows out the side. Kinda like the baby version of Friar Tuck.

He could also sport one of these ‘dos’ if the front and top hair is a bit late in catching up with his sides.

Baby in pram

8. The bublet

This is a baby mullet: longer at the back, shorter at the front.

It is likely due to you cutting his fringe to keep it out of his eyes, until you finally give in and get him his first haircut.


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